What to do when the miniature is too big?

Hey, what’s the general consensus on what to do when the mini you got is larger than the rules state it should be? I’m a huge fan of the Dark Souls games, and wanted to use the Gaping Dragon from the DS board game for my Void Lurker. It just came in, but to my dismay it’s twice the size that a Titan should be. Can I still use it?

Exceptional Bases Sizes (under Units in the rules) - means that for Heroes, Monsters, Titans and War Engines you should use the smallest base you can fit your model on.

That said, in competitive games (tournaments) I see people using the exact base size.

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Ok. I have no current interest in playing in tournaments, so I should be good. Thanks

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As the Void Lurker (currently) doesn’t have Inspiring or an Aura, it’s pretty much a disadvantage. I’d be completely fine playing against it.


Your other option is using it as a unit. In this case, a horde of Fiends fits pretty well - great big base, stats suit the model fairly well. It helps if you add some more models onto the base to clearly show that it’s representing a unit, but the base size does that pretty well on its own.


This. I also don’t care if my opponent has an exceptionally large model on the table. It does hinder quite a bit.

The question remains whether it’s practical.
I’m looking for a model for the monarch (new KoM titan) and have been tempted by the kingdom’s of mercia king-on-winged-beast.. My 3d-printer guy convinced me to go for another model, because this model is way to big. (for referrence, the tower part of the model might fit on a 100x100, the whole model’s base is something like 250 mm circle. So I could model it on a 100x100, but it would look silly)

The model is epic and it would look grand, but it would overshadow the rest of my army. The model’s proper base would be a chariot legion and it’s easily 40 cm tall. So, to keep things a bit in perspective, I will select another model.


That’s a good point. Hadn’t considered making it a cavalry unit

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Using big single models as a unit is always a good plan.

I’ve a GW mumakh as an orc/ogre chariot legion, a big dragon as a drakon horde.

I’ve seen the big GW goblin spider used as Chariots or a cav horde etc.

Exceptional base sizing is OK, but anything over 100*100 is pushing it for a titan imo


From battle reports on youtube, this seems to be the norm.

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I know someone who would model it climbing a pillar to fit on a 50/75 base though!

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A “friend”?

Andy - who has done gravity defying salamander drakes and similar models. His stuff is quality - best painted at UK Clash with a dwarf mine diorama with a working cart!


I need to commission him to base my treeherder

Looked at the rules for Fiends, and yeah, I’m going with that. The Horde size is close to my model’s, plus it gives me additional unlocks rather than eating up a Hero slot. Thanks for pointing that out :+1: