What to do with Stormcast Eternals?

Having collected all of Warhammer Underworlds, I have managed to get a few Stormcast Eternals. I loathe to admit it, but they are nice models, and I think they are the best models I have so far painted.

My first thought is to use them as ogre Palace Guard for Basileans, my one concern with that is it would be a force that essentially spams one unit and character. I could add a bit of flavour with magic artifacts.

What have people done with any Stormcast Eternals they have amassed?

I got them specifically to be Ogre Palace Guards! Along with the Raging Heroes angels and soon-to-be-Paladins, I’ll have a pretty fancy force of Basileans.

I’ll add the latest WIP picture, I filed down the shields and am going for my first couple of freehands.


Looking good! Nice work on the shield.

Looking at the model range there are those Stormcast Eternals with wings, they’d make good Elohi, and Ur-Elohi. So the force would have 4 options at least. Might be doable for a small 1,000pts force :thinking:

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I’ll be painting them as animated statues in a graveyard theme, to use as wights in an undead army.

me too! Though I used them “as is”, I like your face swap quite a bit better.
As there’s only a handful completed, maybe I can still do so.

They’re large infantry.
I’ve seen them run as ogres, as ogre palace guard and painted like statues for earth elementals.

there is actually a thread on this forum with someone using Stormcasts as a full Ogre army…

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Thanks for bringing them up, that is one spectacular army!

I’m using mine as OPGs, but with head swaps as the Stormcast ones are too small. The winged ones are ok as Elohi etc.

I’ve now got 3 hordes of OPGs and one of Boomers (converted crossbows). I’m thinking that an Imperial Ogre army might be doable.

I mean, I kind of dig it:

Army: Basileans
Points: 2000
Unit Count: 12
Unit Strength: 24

255, Ogre Palace Guard Horde
– Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar
235, Ogre Palace Guard Horde
235, Ogre Palace Guard Horde
235, Ogre Palace Guard Horde
160, Elohi Regiment
160, Elohi Regiment
160, Elohi Regiment
160, Elohi Regiment
115, Ogre Palace Guard Captain
115, Ogre Palace Guard Captain
85, Gur Panther Troop
85, Gur Panther Troop

Lots of facesmashing but all the Elohi give it some unexpected speed and tactical play. Plus gryphounds as Panthers :wink:

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Be good to work in Samarcis and a Priest but it could work

Those look to stack on nicely for 2300, and there are some solid model options available - Knight-Azyros and Excelsior War Priest (from Silver Tower) being my picks :hammer:

That is a brutal list… Stop tempting me! :smile:

Still in need for a headswap, but here’s some temptation for you…

And it’s only 34 stormcast models plus 10 Warlord mastiff models. Should be very cheap on ebay…

After the head swap, the guys look like this:

More info on the head swap on my blog.


I like them, works well.


Tonight I finished a horde. Pretty much sold on the idea.
Might even do a 2nd one time as i do have the models somewhere.