What would you like Mantic to make?

Yep, but compare that to how much has been release new outside of those two kits. I’m not saying not to do it, just that it’s not a great idea to make it a high priority.


What do you find wrong with Warpath?

More goblins. Goblins on boats. Goblins on maw beasts. A super mega mincer Titan. Wing it conversion packs. Anything small and green with a pointy nose.

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Not to go into too much detail but the rules have a lot of holes, unexplained interactions, poor unit balance, and overall the game isn’t very good from a design point of view. That’s mainly pointing at Firefight. Warpath suffers from my opinion that 28mm sci fi multi basing doesn’t work.

It’s being worked on, definitely a priority for Mantic considering how much production they’ve sunk into sci-fi, no strict Kickstarter deadlines this time around though, can’t say anything other than what Ronnie already talked about in the virtual open day video. It would be good to see Warpath and Firefight properly split.

Warpath going all-out 6mm could work great, nobody has touched the scale in 2 decades, so like with Armada there just isn’t a modern point of reference for how popular it may or may not be.

With in-house production, getting some resins done and seeing what happens isn’t too much of a gamble, there are quite a few people digitally sculpting entire 6mm-10mm armies from their bedroom and other people selling and printing those files from their print-farm garage, the “upfront” just doesn’t exist anymore with resin.

If anything with Armada, rules development and production, polish, producing high-quality components, lore and artwork for rulebook, mats, tokens, concepts, marketing, playtesting, package design etc. were probably the hard parts to get right and the bulk of the work, making minis is easy, making a game not so much!


Interesting points. Thanks for the reply.

yeah Firefight is a different story than Warpath

Warpath itself is fine in my opinion, could always be better and of course 6mm would be nice
but that 28mm Multibasing as seen as bad has a lot to do with how big 40k games are and they still use skirmish rules
yet people are already doing multi bases for 40k for faster moving models talk about how well it worked with Apocalypse

main problem with Firefight is that it was written for those KS Backers who wanted a better 7th Edi 40k and insisted that Warpath need to be that game
Mantic made the rules for those people hence it has most of the negative points of 40k and those people were gone as soon as 8th hit the shelf.

hence why Firefight is going to be replaced anyway

Holy Shrines, portals,
i’d also like siege rules… and poison for the likes of Goblins/ratkin

An affordable space fleet battle game in the warpath universe. New rules Or attaching to existing rules like the (new) firestorm armada rules. So a similar path to what was done with kow armada rules wise. But i would like cheap space ships (so no resin) so that worldprobably mean a kickstarter.
Apart from that… new salamander things would be nice, especially because lore wise they would be also a natural fit for kow armada so then they need a kow army.
Side question… Darkens were mentioned. I would also like those, but there were some models for that already right? So they would just need to reprint those?

Drop Zone Commander was close at 8 or 10mm. From what I remember was very popular, not sure how it is doing now. GW re did their Titan game and it is selling like hotcakes, with many asking for a return of infantry and the like. So I think there is a demand for small scale sci-fi wargames.

Oh and I forgot… Now that orks get an own armada flotilla, they also should get some mantic vanguard models


Even if it’s just box of existing models to make a warband.


I would say Mantic is too late for that if they would do it now
most people who want such a game already have it and are either playing Battletech, Dropzone or Adeptus Titanicus
and Mantic misses the big stuff that would make the flair for such a SciFi game

I think Mantic missed the timing here as the Platoon sized game is taken by Star Wars Legion now, the 6mm game by the above, and the 15mm niche is now dominated by WW3 and modern combat (and current Warpath does not offer anything special compared to those except for “Walkers”)
so a working 28mm modern combat/SciFi Mass Battle game is still the one no one is doing at the moment because of the dominance of 40k


What would also be nice is a terrain box.
Terrain Crate has all sorts of cool things, but not much in the way of big pieces for KoW.

If Mantic made a building or two, a difficult terrain template plus removable trees, maybe some large rocks or ruins and a plastic hill…
Then bundle that with appropriate things that are currently scattered across the he terrain crate range.

I would probably get that, it would make a great not quite a whole army project.


I’d like to see a pegasus model with an alternative head for a winged unicorn. Maybe also a part that hides the wing-holes so a normal unicorn is also an option. Possibly with a wizard rider, so the kit is very functional.

-winged unicorn
-wizz on pegasus
-unridden pegasus
-wizz on horse
-druid on unicorn
-unridden unicorn

would be nice.