What's the best size to play Kings of War?

I Love this list! It probably won’t work that well, though, but it’d be fun to try it out… once.

On the other hand, I don’t know if this is gonna be fun for my opponent, though. Maybe in a fiendly game where the opponent is warned beforehand!

Ally in a Kingdoms of men horde of polearms + army standard + giant.

That said, I wouldn’t be as afraid of facing four giants compared to four dragon-esque models.


Even at 1,250pts some armies can be nasty. Had a game against Undead today, where they had a horde of Wights, a Horde of Revenants, a Regiment of Soul Reavers, and other things.

I say other things as the Soul Reavers and Wights were enough to carve their way through my Ogre Palace Guard heavy Basilean list.

So, even at small points, the game can still produce some very powerful lists that some forces may struggle against.

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If someone deployed that against me, when it is my turn I’d no nothing. Not even move, tell them it is there turn… essentially I’d let them get that win that they so deeply need to fill what ever is missing in their life.

Then after that, I’d ask if they want a rematch, and say… oh you win again! Want to play a third time?

WAAC mindset needs to be removed from the game. It isn’t fun.


yeah - it’s not that skew isn’t impossible at 1995 even when we cherry pick a list to do it with, there’s just less of it.

i think it enriches everyone’s game if i bring a list that is a challenge for myself to win with and bring something that doesn’t turn the game into skew paper/scissors/rock and whether they brought the most advantageous skew of the matchup.

to me it feels like skew is a race to the bottom, in order to chase a race to the top.

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It’s already been said ,but what ever level you and opponents have the most fun with is likely the best.

Though from a balance and competitive standpoint its almost certainly 2300 points. Playtesting is done at a few levels but the vast majority was done at 2300 for the initial edition launch and the new Clash of Kings coming out November 2021.

So while there is some feedback from other point levels most of the fixes, changes, edits and etc are based on testing from that point level.

That being said the testers come from around the world so it’s tested in a lot of different metas, in any given meta certain lists can be way weaker or stronger if no one locally plays the counters to said list that would perhaps encourage a different approach.

It’s really hard to completely balance everything, it’s fact it’s probably impossible but as playtesters we tried to get as much data to the RC as possible to get everyone the best game we could.

I’d rather play 1500pts after work and larger games at the weekend. Quite like the restrictions at 1995 though.

As commented above, it really depends!

Restricted 750 games on a small table are great fun, free for all 4k games are awesome; massive all day events with huge armies can be epic.

Not convinced there is much of a balance difference between armies from 1995 - 2500: some can be 'broken"/skewed at any points level, some people will run balanced lists regardless.

A number of the lists that did well at Clash were balanced/operated in multiple phases and only the FoN tree list finishing second (a really good player) was I anyway skewed

I understand your viewpoint.

That said, if I come and find time to play a game, I’d be damned to be a dummy opponent. Not only am I denying my opponent a game, I’m also denying myself one. I’d rather fight tooth and nail and be defeated than accept defeat without playing at all.

Also, I’m not too convinced a 4-dragon 2,000 point list is that effective. without chaff/support, those dragons might take out a few units but they will die in the inevitable counterattack. If those lists were that effective, we’d see more in tournaments.

To follow up on my first reaction, I’d rather beat that 4-dragon list soundly to show that a more balanced army is in fact more effective as well as more fun.


Yap … unsupported Dragons can be dead really fast.

Single Elite Regiment in the flank can already spell doom to a Dragon. Had a Palace Guard Regiment with Bane chant almost take out my Dragon in a single turn last game at the tournament. Only got saved by a very very unlucky roll of my opponent (He rolled exactly 1 under waver value).

Would be interesting how effective 4 Dragons would really be … I guess when concentrated they could easily wreck a flank against an unprepared opponent… but win the game? That’s a whole different story and likely would depend on the individual players more than anything.

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At the 2020 US Masters I watched a four dragon Undead list get utterly dismantled by Eric Trowbridge’s Orc horde. Individuals sat the dragons down, infantry devoured them in between deleting the Zombie hordes supporting the titans. The Orcs were in total control the whole game. Pretty eye opening to watch, because otherwise I would have seen the Undead list and assumed it would just stomp everybody through the power of spam.


I do like 750 point games but my games at this point are still mainly against myself or my dad, so it’s not too big of an issue when it comes to how my opponents feel.

Games between 600 (the bare minimum 1’d say) and 1,000 are great for starting the game. We once did a game day of 800 point battles which can be played in three quarters of an hour.

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Yeah, we did a 6 game 750pt event (with a few extra limitations over the normal rules) and it was realy good fun

Small games seem good if people are approaching them from the same point of view. I wouldn’t want to play one if people were trying to win pregame in army construction. I’d be looking for something more akin to a competitive demo game.


The restrictions we ran meant no duplicates, max 1 flyer/war engine, 2 heroes so worked pretty well.

For demo games - reg of crap infantry, reg of better, couple of troops of better stuff, cav unit , couple of heroes and maybe a war engine.

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We used a 200-point unit limit (including upgrades) in addition to the highlander rule (one-of-a-kind) from less than 1,500 points.

This is not the holy grail though, as this setup favours horde armies, in particular goblins can build very nasty stuff in this format. But as long as everyone takes this as a friendly game instead of a tournament, it works very well. You just don’t want to be ogres in this format.

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