What's the best size to play Kings of War?

Inspired by the recent article on dash 28 with the same name, what game size do you prefer?

Games can range from 1,000 points to well over 2,500 and there’s arguments for all.

In our gaming group we usually played 1,500 points due to time limits and the fact that a few of the guys are starters (or slow starters). As time and collections progress, we may start to play bigger battles more often. Last week, I played a couple of 2,300 points which is a much different game than 1,500.

Personally, I feel 2,300 might be too big if only due to time constraints. Also, when reading the dash 28 article above, I agreed with the assessment that 2,300 might create some “skew” lists, which might limit fun.

So all-in, I feel most comfortable with 1,995.


After going 6-0-0 at a mini club event on Sunday, I rather like 750!

These were the restrictions

2300 looks to be standard tournament size now - since the mantic Clash event is that size, and a number of events have bumped up accordingly.

1995 was our club standard - 2 duplicates does help generally - but you can make broken lists at any limit!

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I would like 2000 to be the go to size, but it appears that 2300 is good for tournaments.

Good for tournaments isn’t necessarily the best though. It depends on your scene and what kind of KoW you’re after.
New group where some players are just starting? 1500
Competitive “iron sharpens iron” group? 2300 (or whatever the next tournament is).
Busy adults who don’t have much time?
1500 or 2000
Lazy Sunday afternoon with an old friend? 3000
Drinking with the lads? 2000 (or 2300 if that’s what you have a list written for).


1995 or 2300 are the two answers at this point, and I find the one I want to play is whichever of the two I haven’t played in a while :sweat_smile: 1995 is where I aim new armies at, tighter list building and 1-2 fewer units to plan for, but once those become real armies they tend to bloat up to 2300+

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Whatever my friend and I have painted is the only correct answer! It appears to be the perfect size, because the games were tremendous fun!:wink:

That looks super annoying lmao, imagine building a Sylvan Kin list and not being allowed any Surge except the Forest Wardens 4 … and you only get one other Hero for inspiring! Good luck!!

I don’t mind 1k, but list building restrictions hit some armies harder than others. 1995 is funny and I like it for being Technically Not 2k. 2300 feels nice and big but I keep squeezing the list into new places and it makes it harder to finalise a list.

I think my favourite falls somewhere between 1995 and 2300, but when I get more models painted I’d love to try ever bigger battles.

If you are relying on 260pt tree herders for surge, you are probably building a 750 sk list wrong, even without restrictions :wink:

What else should I use for Surge then, except the mentioned Forest Warden? 150 point Nimue? The magic item on an Archmage, who can’t get her own Surge? Or put the item on a standard bearer?

If you are simply running forest shamblers, then use FoN and get a druid!

There have to be limitations in low point games - plus, based on the 6 game, 10 player event we ran with this, the herder might have had 2 turns to use it.

The warden is a solid piece of kit at low level - you shouldn’t be relying on more than about a 2 inch surge anyway.

With no restrictions, what would you run at 750?

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Hold on! Your answer to ‘what do Sylvan Kin do’ is “play FoN”? haha, that tracks.

With no restrictions I would run a Tree Herder. Maybe I’d even run a Horde of Forest Guard. Fundementally I disagree with the statement of ‘there have to be restrictions in low points games’, no, there don’t. Eggs, baskets.

Had 3 recently games, 2 of 2,500pts, and 1 of 2,000pts.

Enjoyed them all, but I think availabe table sizes are a big factor in what points can be played well.

I have a 6ft by 4ft table and I think anything over 2,000 will need an extra 2ft by 4ft board adding.

Got a weekend event soon, which only has 4ft by 4ft tables, so playing 1,000 - 1,250pts. Never played Kings of War at such a small level before. However I am looking forward to seeing how it plays… and honestly after the 2 big games I think I may find the smallness refreshing.

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We will have to agree to disagree :wink:

There are existing limitations on the game - at lower points levels you need more to get any sort of balance or even playable games.

10 regiments of zombies will beat virtually any list just on US and holding objective etc - 2 reg, a vampire on dragon and a flying worm equally make it meritless to play.

You can easily build a decent 750 sk list within those restrictions, but not if the argument is “I want a tree herder” - plus you wanted a better surge caster than the 4 from a warden, but don’t take a shambling unit?

the restrictions for 750 points game we have are:

  • 1-2 Heroes
  • max 140 points models/units including artifacts
  • 1 model/unit with 160 points including artifacts
  • max 1 large Infantry, large Cavalry, Monster, Titan or Warmachine
  • Troops don’t need to be unlocked, each regular unit unlocks an irregular one
  • only Artifacts of 20 points or less
  • max 3 Lighting Bolts

hehehe, your Sylvan kin don’t like the 250 point restrictions in our recent 1,500 point campaign due to missing a critical piece into an already limited roster. As you have increased your army, we can play larger battles without limitations next time, ok? I’d love to, as the models are really lovely.

Otherwise, let’s try a few small games without restrictions, see what happens! You gonna love my knight horde / macwar, reg bowmen, general on winged beast, wizz + peg + boomstick 750 point army. :slight_smile:

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2000pts with 1995pt restrictions (or just 1995).

You cannot skew to extremes that make the game unfun if you run into someone doing it that is enabled at higher points values.


I played 1995 and 2300. I like 1995 better because it keeps the number of titan down. And you still have room to move your troops.
With 2300 the 4x6 table is getting to full with units that movement is getting a problem.

So for me on a 6x4 table i prefere 1995.

@Bard_VWG & @Hendrik

The potential problem at 1995 is that some armies can still put out very skewed lists with only 2 duplicates - those where there are multiple similar war machine, monster flyer options.

Army: Undead

Points: 1995

Unit Count: 10

Unit Strength: 18

70, Zombie Regiment

70, Zombie Regiment

70, Zombie Regiment

70, Zombie Regiment

260, Wight Horde

260, Wight Horde

315, Vampire Lord on Undead Dragon

315, Vampire Lord on Undead Dragon

300, Revenant King on Undead Great Flying Wyrm

Brew of Sharpness

265, Revenant King on Undead Great Flying Wyrm

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haha yes I do have a pretty specific reason for disliking restrictions so much. the already limited roster + limits that just feel unreasonable given the options others do still have. its a nice round number and also a big oof but only for some armies. with how many armies there are, there’ll always be some that fall through the cracks.

and yeah, sure, that KoM list looks pretty darn rough. shame that restricting it removes half the options that make Sylvan Kin anything but Elves Minus


If you are playing NA you can have 3 gaints. Because hyrmm counts as a hero

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