Where do you find bases for this?

Hi everyone,

I am a mantic vault subscriber. I have printed and painted two fleets (well, 1 fully painted, one only started), but what do you guys use for bases? I have seen people use MDF bases, where do you find them? Or does anybody use acrylic bases? Same question, where do you find them? Or in the worst case, plastic bases?

The game looks really cool and I’m looking forward to playing it!



Mantic make some: Armada Acrylic Bases Set - Mantic Games


As Matt said there’s a really nice range of clear acrylic bases from mantic, if you’re going to home brew stuff a sheet of plasticard is dirt cheap and you can score and cut it with a craft knife, MDF bases you can find online, but for the Armada sizes you’ll probably have to get multiples custom cut.

Long story short (too late) either buy the armada ones or grab a 2mm sheet of plasticard for a punt.

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Great, thanks!

In the meantime, I’ve found scarhand painting tip where he says he asked somebody with a lasercutter to cut acrylic sheets for him. I might be able to do that too.


I just bought a load of 2mm mdf bases in the appropriate size (think from warbases.co.uk), used tile filler to make waves and then painted

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You can find loads of clear acrylic bases on ebay. Mostly from british sellers. Some offer bases for every type of ship for armada. I bought mine there.

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I cit from plexi. 3mm. Perfect bases.


Great! I’ve ordered some bases, thanks, I’m good to go :slightly_smiling_face: