Which army to take to CoK24

this time starting early to get actually prepared and have some proper games with the army

possible options:

  1. Brothermark (what a stupid idea of taking the same army twice, specially as it is a non Mantic Army and I might get good with it)
  2. Elves (Mantic Army that wants to be painted)
  3. Ogres (another Mantic Army that wants to be painted, though I don’t have an idea for an exotic theme yet)
  4. Forces of the Abyss (hand sculpted daemonic army, so very flexible on what units to use)

current favourite are the Elves with a Southern Kin/desert theme and less/no Dragons, (the models, not the units, using the Ravens instead of Drakons for Regiment/Hordes is an option, as is going with Sylvan Kin) and a focus on Elves
the only thing that might be a problem is that I have the Vanguard Lizard (that one) with an Elven rider , which I would like to use but not sure for what (Noble on Chariot is an option with the standard Elve list but not sure for Sylvan Kin)

Ogres, as I don’t have a theme yet that is not common and many people are going with them are last place
Brothermark is the “learn to play” faction and always Plan B anyway
and Forces of the Abyss would be "how to get that one counted as a “Mantic” army challenge


Wow, someone is eager to go already I see! :grin:


you know, this time I somehow don’t want to do last minute painting :wink:

Two Lists, one for Elves, one for Sylvan Kin
Elves have the Drakons, Sylvan Kin the Air Elementals, the other units are more or less the same though the Air Elemental might fit better with a desert theme (sand storm)

Elves [2285]

  • Palace Guard (Infantry) Regiment (20) [160]
  • Palace Guard (Infantry) Regiment (20) [160]
  • Kindred Tallspears (Infantry) Regiment (20) [140]
  • Kindred Tallspears (Infantry) Regiment (20) [140]
  • Kindred Gladestalkers (Infantry) Regiment (20) [185]
  • Kindred Gladestalkers (Infantry) Regiment (20) [185]
  • Silverbreeze Cavalry* (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [180]
  • Drakon Riders (Large Cavalry) Horde (6) [275]
  • Dragon Breath (War Engine) 1 [90]
  • Elven Archmage (Hero (Cavalry)) 1 [165]
    • Horse Mount [25]
    • Sacred Horn [15]
    • Lightning Bolt (5) [35]
    • Veil of Shadows1 [30]
  • Elven Archmage (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [130]
    -Lightning Bolt (5) [35]
    -Alchemist’s Curse1 [35]
  • King’s Champion [1] (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [145]
  • Lord on Drakon (Hero (Large Cavalry)) 1 [160]
  • Noble War Chariot (Hero (Chariot)) 1 [100]
  • Argus Rodinar [1] (Hero (Monster)) 1 [70]

Sylvan Kin [2250]

  • Kindred Tallspears (Infantry) Regiment (20) [140]
  • Kindred Tallspears (Infantry) Regiment (20) [140]
  • Forest Guard (Infantry) Regiment (20) [165]
  • Sylvan Gladestalkers (Infantry) Regiment (20) [190]
    • Deathroot Arrows [5]
  • Sylvan Gladestalkers (Infantry) Regiment (20) [190]
    • Deathroot Arrows [5]
  • The Windborne [1] (Cavalry) Troop (5) [135]
    • Wind Blast (7) [0]
  • Stormwind Cavalry* (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [235]
    • Quicksilver Lancers [25]
  • Stormwind Cavalry* (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [225]
    • Gain Pathfinder [15]
  • Greater Air Elemental (Monster) 1 [200]
    • Lightning Bolt (3) [20]
  • Greater Air Elemental (Monster) 1 [200]
    • Lightning Bolt (3) [20]
  • Master Hunter (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [120]
    • Deathroot Arrows [5]
  • El’Rik Nisleen [1] (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [160]
    • Fireball (8) [0]
  • Nimue Waydancer [1] (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [150]
    • Fireball (10) [0]
    • Heal (4) [0]
    • Surge (4) [0]
    • Wind Blast (5) [0]
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Personally I’d wait a little over a month and see what changes in the forthcoming Clash book :wink:


yes and no
in general I agree as some points changes and formation changes will have an impact
overall the armies should stay the same and I will definitely go with an infantry theme so changes won’t really change my choices in general as the core will stay the same (as it will if I switch between Elves and Sylvan Kin, just the support will be different)

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Last Clash of Kings was an eye-opener for me that alpha-strike armies are possible again (look atJonathan Quayle’s Basileans for instance) and that 4+ steady-aim shooting was not as painful as I’d seen in the Dutch scene.

As for next Clash of Kings installment, I’m curious where -if any- changes will apply.


Very much a case (i gather) of underused units getting a buff - so for elves/SK possibly things like kindred warriors (ever seen them used???), shieldwatch, boskwraiths etc getting a bit of love.

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More refined lists, now need ho wait for the update


putting that here so I don’t forget it (and to get some additional ideas)

trying to make a full mantic army, most units can be made from the available kits
like the 3 guard units are the 3 build variations of the Palace Guard (with two-handed weapons, with halberd, with shield), Seaguard is mixing Tallspears with Archers etc.

units that are not there are Hunters of the Wild and Boskwraiths, and while the later could be made from Gladestalkers by using the 2 hand weapons only the Hunters of the Wild as heavy infantry are clearly meant to be a non-Elve unit

as the overall theme should be Southern Kin I hesitate but in general using the half-elf berserkers as base (with shields instead of 2 weapons for Def 5) would be a good option
sing the upcoming TK Corsairs as Boskwraiths is possible but the size difference to the regular Elfs might be a problem (using the half-elf berserker is out as having a Def 5 and a Def 3 unit using the same models will cause problems)

in addition, Air Elementals will rather be Sand Elementals and I am thinking about using the Ravens as Drakons (and replacing the leather wings with feather wings for the lord on drakon model (making it a dragon-raven hybrid)

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