Which glue to use on Mantic miniatures?

Always loctite? Or varies between the models?


Mantic models are either plastic (on sprues), resin or a weird combo often called restic (stuff like basilean panthers, horses etc) - they are individual bits but often with big ‘plug’ bits attached.

Plastic glue for the first, superglue for the others.

Yeah, Any CA type glue (superglue in the US) and an accelerator works for all the models but a good plastic weld (Something like Plastruct) is very potent.

Any joins that are dissimilar compounds (plastic to wood, resin to metal, etc) stick to CA glue.

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There’s no such thing as “restic”. The internet made that up. It’s just PVC. Exactly the same PVC that other companies also use for their models (Privateer Press, Steamforged, CMON etc.).

You need super glue for PVC models.

Liquid poly (or poly cement), aka plastic glue, will work fine on any hard plastic (styrene) that comes on frames.

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I found this one to be exceptional, and I’ve used a number of brands. Carried in Walmart. Seems to be the most affordable and decent quality. It performs different than the other loctite glues. Dries fast and strong. I also use an accelerator with it. I often buy 3-5 at a time its that good for me.

Loctite - Glue (instant adhesive) - 0.7 oz - clear