Winter themed Northern Alliance half of the old starter set

I used to be on the old Mantic Forums before they closed (mainly for deadzone), didn’t know about this KoW forum until recently! Here’s my Northern Alliance half of the old starter set. Had fun doing these, nice models


Gorgeous painting

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Got to love all those interesting browns, great stuff!

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Thanks! Yeh, I was trying to get loads of warm leathery colours into the clothing to contrast with the snow


Great painting, especially like the snow trolls.

Good job on the photography and backdrop too, it all looks awesome!

Beautiful painting. You really have skill. I‘m admiring the faces most. Very crisp!

Thanks! I didn’t paint the eyes on any of the clansmen/hunters. The faces are really nice sculpts but the eyes are tiny (which is fine. Its in proportion) so I highlighted the faces but left the eye sockets just a bit darker. A good time saver
It’s on theme that they’d be squinting while crossing the snowy wastes anyway!!