WIP Varangur Devourer / Cavern Dweller

I found this miniature in a big lot of Dark Elf miniatures I bought off the internet and I am painting it up for the monthly painting competition on the KoW Norway Facebook group.

The original paint job,

After some airbrush work and a gloss coat it looks like this,

The next step is a couple of different washes before I start on the detail work. Before I can start on that the gloss coat needs to dry, so if the rainy weather holds I will start on that tomorrow :wink:.


Very nice use of colors and varnish to get that slimy look! What’s the Devourer or Cavern Dweller supposed to be? Hope you do well in the competition!

Not sure they make a huge amount of fluff about them - unchartered empires might have a bit.

The cavern dwelling is basically a giant-esq thing stats wise; the devourer is some gribbly monster. I’m using d&d displacer beasts for the latter.

Done with the Devourer, not normally a big fan of gore but it fit this model.


Very vicious looking, well done.

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Looks utterly evil.Brilliant.

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Very ‘nasty’ - nice stuff

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Fucking awesome man. Tbh the paint job when you first bought it was already good by my standards. Hope it does work on the Battlefield!

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Great choice of mini, properly gruesome paint job :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Fantastic piece of work! I like especially the natural color scheme and how the miniature (monstrum might be a more appropriate word) blends with the base as well. The base itself is lovely, showing some nice touches like the flowers and fallen leaves. Well done, indeed …

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Awesome model! I haven’t seen that before.
Anyone use the Cave Dweller yet? Seems a bit better than a Giant with Me3+ and Lifeleech 3.

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Its a GW Dark Elf model, I think its missing some bits but it turned out ok. I haven’t used it since I don’t have a completed Varangur army.

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