Wither and Perish

Can someone explain to me how the Wither and Perish spell works? The first part is quite clear.

Wither and Perish

Spell: 12", Enemy, CC - If one or more hits are scored, the target unit has a -1 modifier when rolling to damage enemy units during their next Turn (any rolls the unit makes of a natural 6 will still cause damage, however). Multiple castings of this spell, or combining it with Weakness, do not cause additional modifiers.

But what does this mean?

Additionally, for each hit scored, roll a single D3 and total the results. This total is the amount of attacks to roll for damaging the target.

Lets say I cast with one hit and then I roll the D3 with the result of 2.

Now the unit attacks and does 10 successful hits. Would this mean that the unit only throws 2 dice for damage even if it has more hits than 2?

That sounds too good to be true.

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you have to take it in two parts, the first part Wither acts like weakness. So if you successfully cast the spell then you will reduce the target number they need to damage a unit by 1. A unit with CS 1 attacked a defense 5 unit should need 4+ to damage but Wither pushes it back to a 5+. 6s will always damage.

Then the second half of the spell kicks in, you roll a d3 and cause that much damage on the unit, think of them as automatic hits. Just roll against the target’s defense as normal.


Ahh, that makes sense.

Thank you.

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In other words; it’s weakness that goes on to roll for damage as with blast D3.
I assume that the way it’s written is less ambiguous and/or prone to people confusing themselves.

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