WolleK´s Abyssal Dwarfs

After a months long hiatus of painting for kow, I pushed me back on my Abyssal Dwarfs this september. I planned the project back in 2021 to have a fresh, multibased, full-mantic army for some GT (that sounds still like a good idea ;). Now the first units (and the majority of models is finished) an I hope the army is ready for a tournament mid-january.



cracking work there, I love the red skin on them it’s very different from what you normally see.


Very nifty evil short boys


The red skin is for the immortal guard and the infernox only. They’ve gone a step too far in their setvice of the flame queen.


oooh nice theme


After the Infantry is finished it’s time for the special stuff. First, the Hellfane


Nice one @WolleK ! :grin: That is going to look very cool on the table.

I really liked the work you did on the Treeherder I saw at the tournament a bit over a year ago as well (I think that was your Sylvan Kin army, right? Inspired me to finally paint one myself :wink: ).

By now I know how much effort it takes to paint those huge models and that Hellfane is looking really great, good job! :grinning:


Hi @Mikes, thank you and yes I remember too, are you still playing your elf army?
For bigger minis, I have to confess that I don’t really enjoy painting them, because it takes ages to see progress. Fortunately the hellfane has not too much of fiddly details. And with a rather minimalistic painting style I managed to finish it over the course of last month’s weekends. Fingers crossed, the Abyssal Dwarfs are finished for next year’s tournaments. (The Sylvan Kin will enjoy their retirement.)


Yep, still busy with the Elves @WolleK :slightly_smiling_face: While I didn’t really get to play with the little one keeping me busy :baby: , I’m slowly - very very slowly- but steadily painting to get the army where I want it to be. Currently also working on a quite large Dragon model and yep, it is taking ages to get that done :wink:

Looking forward to seeing your army completed and maybe even on the table next year! :slightly_smiling_face: