Would these work? (Elves)

I’m a big fan of the Oathmark Elves, and of GW’s Tree creatures. Looking at the Elf list, I was thinking of using the following:

Shield Watch. Oathmark Elves with Shield and Swords.
Forest Guard, Oathmark Light Elves with Spears.
Hunters of the Wild, GW Dryards.
Forest Shamblers, GW Kurnoth Hunters with melee weapns.
Bolt Thrower, GW Kurnoth Hunters with Bows.
Tree Herder, GW Treelord.

Tallspears, Archers, Gladestalkers, and Sea Guard are easy to build using the Oathmark Elf range.

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I think those minis you listed should work fine.
The only one I think might be a tad confusing is the Kurnoth hunters with bows for the Bolt thrower, since they seem more tanky/mobile than they are.

But I think with a tad of effort you can make them work. I suggesting making them look a bit more rooted, and obviously base then right then I wouldn’t have any issues playing against it.

I say go for it!

my suggestion for the Bolt Thrower would be to get one of the D&D deep cuts Balista’s, and then make crew for it from the oathmark elves.
D&d Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures - Ballista (part of wave 5)
just cut the skull off and replace it with something more elvish.

More or less looking at similar range of models, with LotR elves as the more elite archers.

Agree with comment about the war engines to an extent, although could look cool.

Are the light Oathmark elves out yet?

Used them in my NA list - very nice for the price