Yes ! Pre ordered!

I’m so excited for this new edition. I never got to play second, picked up the books this year but no armies done. Really looking forward to getting involved at this launch stage.

I have some dwarves to work on but hankering for some ratkin , abyssal or herd. Uh o, I reckon This is going to cost me :laughing::grin:


I’m in a similar position… but I’ve still not pre-ordered yet as I can’t decide which of the bundles to go for…

There’s still not been any info about what’s really in the Gamer’s Bundle right, ie: what these look like/are?

Scenario & Objective Set,
Spell & Artefact Cards,

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Don’t think anything concrete. I just got the book,I wanted that artwork :slight_smile: , will pick up more when I get Closer to fielding an army.

What force are you thinking of Doing Remy?

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Grrr. It’s kinda frustrating not knowing what to order. I can’t decide between just the HB book or one of the packs still.

I’ve already got a lot of Orcs and Goblins models painted, with many more on the way that I intend to use to play some KoW 3rd Ed. I really really wish they were all in one army in KoW though as I posted in the wishlist thread ages ago. But I can probably make up a smaller army of either at least!
I also have a small force of human models painted, with a few more that could be added. I guess for KoW they would fit as KoM?

I do quite like the look of the models in the 2-player starter set though for 3rd ed… but I’m kinda worried about piling on yet more models for me to paint when I already have plenty to go at! :smiley:

They have cunningly divided up everything I need, so I have pre ordered both the 2 player set and the Gamers Bundle to get, among other things, all 3 types of the rulebook.

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The Spell & Artefact cards are just all spells and artefacts from the main rulebook as cards. It’s not really necessary, but as a Vanguard player I learned to appreciate it.

I ordered the rulebook with fluff and the spell/artifact cards. I want the fluff and the convenience, but don’t really need the rest that’s up for grabs :slight_smile:

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Just the rulebook. I’d rather buy a few more minis to get to the free shipping level than adding stuff that will clutter my gaming lockers :slight_smile: I still have those spell cards from that Geedub game somewhere…

More minis, however, do not ever clutter. Never. And they will be painted. Eventually. Maybe even played with.


Well I gave up waiting for info and just pre-ordered the main rulebook, along with a few miniatures as well :slight_smile:

A shame really they aren’t more forthcoming with the info that could’ve got me to upgrade to the Gamers Bundle possibly.

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