Yet Another Free Dwarf Army

Those of you with long memories may remember I did a showcase post on this Forum of my Free Dwarfs of Bowland army, well I am back again with Yet another Free Dwarf Army, which actually started life as a Northern Alliance Army :slight_smile:

This Army is the Free Dwarf Raven Clan that have left their new home in Estacarr, where they were part of the Free Dwarf Coalition of Bowland, and have travelled back to the Halpi mountains to reclaim their lost Hold and help Sveri Egilax hold what he has retaken.

Originally I painted a regiment as Dwarf Clansmen in an NA Army

I also painted a Frostfang lord who could also double as a Free Dwarf Lord on large beast

At this point I decided I liked the colour scheme that much that I would paint further units of “Clansmen” for the NA Army

But this just led to more and more painting of Dwarfs and not Northern Alliance and before I knew it I had “Yet another Free Dwarf Army”


Super cool! They look frosty and bitter, as free dwarfs schould.

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Really solid army, love the theming and pushing the look past ‘Imperial Dwarfs but also there are birds’ :blue_heart: Dig that Craggoth conversion and check out those adorable Mastiff packs :face_holding_back_tears:

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Looks like the best way to play Northern Alliance to me.