Yet another Vanguard rule question - Spears!

Hi everyone, your local vanguard nuiscance here with a question on spears.

In a campaign, for grunts equipment is lost if they are killed, but I was wondering about models such as rabble where spears cost just 1 point and are a part of the unit (if you want them to be). When the grunts are automatically replenished do they come with spears again? Or do you have to buy more spears to replace the ones you lost? Hope this makes sense.

page 149 says that they are replenished for free and it must be a like for like replacement.

To me that means if you lost a grunt with spear you can recruit a grunt with spear. If you lost a grunt with hand weapon then you can’t bring in a grunt with spear as it’s replacement.

I grant you it’s open to interpretation so I could also see people playing it that you get the model but not the equipment.


Thanks, sounds right to me and this is what we have been playing - it feels a bit off to have to spend two extra gold on a spear every time rabble with a spear cops it!

there was some inconsistency in handling between on-card equipment and regular equipment for campaigns, that we made more consistent for the v1.1 book. Let me go check what we did and get back to you…

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Page 105 of the v1.1 rulebook makes it explicit: “This must be a like for like replacement with the model that died, including any equipment options from their card, but not including Company Supplies they lost when they died.”

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Cool, that’s good to know. Thanks!