Yet More Queries


More queries following our latest game.

Ogre Hunter, Can anyone please confirm the Hunter’s Ensnare rule? I have seen it meaning that models are at -1 to hit the front of this model or that models breaking away must re-roll successful armour saves.

In the post engagement phase, a member of the company retinue can be demoted but it costs both the retinue member and the Leader 1 XP. What happens if one or both of these currently have no XP? We assumed that the requirement to lose XP would be ignored in this case and the demotion could still occur.

In the post engagement phase, Explore result 27-28 awards 2 Healing Brews. We assumed this meant Healing Potion, although it could mean Healing Herbs. Has anyone come across this before?


Ensnare: -1 to hit in melee to the front. Not sure where the reroll breakaway armour saves is coming from, that sounds like an Equipment item, maybe?

Demotion: There is no explicit rule there. Use your judgement. (If it were me, I’d allow it.)

Healing Brews: No official errata, but I would interpret that to mean Healing Potion as well. (The flavor text specifically says you’re filling flasks with sacred waters, which sounds more potion than herb to me!).

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Thanks for that.