Yorkshire Halflings Rise!

Before any compliments, this is not my paint work :sweat_smile: I have a good friend of mine who has painted these Yorkshire Rose themed Halflings for me. I think they look absolutely amazing and wanted to share them!

Hopefully you all enjoy, these are what I will be bringing to Battlemasters and the Clash of Kings, best get some practice games in.


looking good

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Very nice.

Now needs a Lancashire themed army to oppose it!


Exactly, but who would be the true opposite to Halflings :thinking:

Ogres? Both looking to eat stuff but physically different.

Or undead - the halflings having eaten all the food so the Lancastrians have all staved to death or resorted to eating corpses?

Heres a final update for these little fellas. Very haply with how theyve come out. Just got to actually play them now :joy: