Your favourite and most hated units in 3rd Edition

We had a thread on our most loved and hated units late last year coming up to the new edition.
Now that we’ve had some time to settle into 3rd Edition, what are your favourite and most hated units now?
How did your favourite and most hated units fare in the edition change?

My loved units in KoW2 (villein initiates and zombie trolls) aren’t really my favourite anymore. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m no longer playing the same armies. Villein initiates no longer exist and their role (very cheap def 5+ cavalry) hasn’t been taken over by paladin knights. Zombie trolls are still quite good, but their increased defense also means they got quite a bit more expensive and this more or less prevents me from taking multiple hordes of them. In terms of damages, they are surpassed by soul reaver infantry, which are now on my painting table.

I do have a few new favourite units. My human infantry holds up pretty decently that I enjoy using them these days. I don’t really have a favourite between foot guard, polearms, shield wall and spears, but I’m gonna go for the foot guard at this moment due to the fact that they can be fielded in troops.

Also, I love the KoM general on flying beast. Best used in pairs, at the cost of a dragon, you get double the threat with all the mobility of a 50x50 based nibmle flier.

The hated unit from 2nd: elven archers with bane chant and piercing is no longer effective (and therefore scarcely present) which is fine with me.

I don’t have a particular unit that I don’t want to see anymore in KoW3 (maybe it’s too early for that yet) but I’m impressed by the combat potential of ogre hordes, especially siegebreakers. Also, giants are very resillient for their costs, which has surprised me the two times I encountered them.

Ogre siegebreakers are too good this edition.

IMO they should have followed the same design as the new defense 5 elf unit: added defense should lead to worse melee output. In the case of the elves, De5+ led to Me4+.

So I think the ogres should have been either reduced to Me4+ or have their number of attacks reduced to better reflect the fact that they are carrying a huge shield AND huge melee weapons.
Currently, somehow they dish out 18 attacks at Me3+ at a CS which implies they use both arms to swing, while keeping their big shields up at the same time. :roll_eyes:


I love Salamander Tyrants - finally some hurt for the scaly boys

I hate Soulreaver infantry - they keep mashing my troops!


WRAITHS and Wigths: this units are absolutely ludicrous. The ammount of buffs they have is disgusting. Def 6 /5plus flying plus Cs 1 or more plus relatively high nerve and volume of attacks.

They just have no downside at all and I’m hoping they lose at least some defense and nerve soon, for the health of this game.

Favourite unit: I’m torn here. On the one hand the Order of redemption is the best cavalry unit in the game. With brutal efficiency and autonomy when well used they are the definition of exciting attacking kow.

On the other hand I love free dwarfs rangers, they are an incredibly satisfying unit to play with, being very versatile . I specially love the fix bayonets part of their game when you charge at your opponent and he realizes damm these guys have teeth in melee too.

So those two are my favourite, one is a super flashy unit, while the other is a workhorse. Here’s hoping one day I can have both in an army. Under the current rules it’s impossible

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Funny to hear that. When I am playing undead, wraiths get passed over pretty often due to their high point cost. Their high defense and flying ability make them expensive for their 10/12 attacks with CS(1). They do have their roles, especially when facing armies without much inherrent CS (i.e. elves), but their damage is quite low per point spent.

Wights, however, are powerhouses. Their flying movement combined with melee 3+ and high CS makes them really powerful. Their point costs, however, reflects this and makes them (IMHO) on par with other damage dealers. their real advantage is movement 7, flying and shambling which makes them ideal for flank charges with surge.

Undead are spoiled with ample choice in heavy hammers; both soul reaver infantry and cavalry and wights. Of these, soul reavers have a higher average damage (due to more attacks) where the wights have a better mobility due to flying/surge and brutal.

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Big fan of The Captain from Kingdoms of Men. His ability to redeploy D3 units can be an absolute game changer, plus they have Rallying 1, which just helps keep the rest of the force in the fight for that bit longer. Also the points cost is very affordable.

Ogre Boomers, not as bad as they were… however still a unit that can happily delete most troops or Regiments with one ranged attack. 18" threat range, 18 attacks hitting on 4+ and with Piercing 1, means a lot of damage.

Oh good lord I hate playing against ogre boomers.
They have such good range damage, and so tricky to deal with. You can’t just gumm them up like other range units, and they are just a tad too tanky to easily shoot off. Seems like no matter what you do, they will always get their damage out. But even worst than that are their sergeants! Oh heavens those boys are SO good for their points.

For favourite unit? Not really sure, I mostly play Trident realms, but have been experimenting a lot. Though I think I really love our swarms. Tidal swarm and Nokken are both extremely good units for their points.
Honourable mentions to Thuul and Treeleapers, those are just fun units

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