Your neck of the woods

So, lets see where everyone hails from for future considerations:
Pennsylvania NE coal region
Schuylkill County, Schuylkill Haven
NerdHammer Gaming Group @ The Alchemist Cove
Thats my Whereabouts

The Back of Beyond, Ireland

Sunny Bolton in north west England

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I’m in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Would be playing at Black Knight Games if COVID and RL hadn’t conspired against my hobby time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Madison, Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Somwhere around Jastrebarsko, Croatia

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

I hear Croatia is lovely

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& British Columbia as well

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However… I don’t think we’ll be playing eachother any time soon.

Tacoma, Washington

Abingdon (just below Oxford) UK

Plays @ Oxford Gaming Club when C19 is over…

It would be much nicer if it would stop shaking so much…

Redding, California USA

I honeymooned in Slovenia and Croatia in 2019. Beautiful area. Absolutely loved visiting.

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Bristol, south west England

Carinthia, Austria

Hello from Ventura, California–anyone else from southern Ca. out there?

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No East Coast USA?