10mm KoW -- does it work?

Hello, all!

I had some friends bring up the question of playing KoW in a different scale. Have any of you played in a 10mm scale? Or even 15mm?

How was your experience? What would you do to change the rules?

Personally, I feel like a smaller scale offers different painting opportunities.

“Tjub” from Sweden has posted about his 15 mm projects:

Personally I have a theory that shifting to a different scale is detrimental to the growth of the game in your area, as you effectively split the game into two different games. But that’s just my opinion.


There are several ways of doing this, depending on what your motivations are…
1/ use the exact same rules, distances, unit sizes (eg 100x40 for infantry troop) but… use 10mm minis on the tray, making larger armies!
=> This is cool if you want epic games, and the option to play with your 28mm friends (even if it might look a bit weird, gameplay wise it’ll work 100%)

2/ half the distances/sizes (for 10/15mm)
=> this lets you play on a 3x2 table for standard sized games, or have epic huge battles on your standard 6x4. Some people use cm instead of " but I think it’s pointless…

3/ use existing bases from other 10/15mm gaming systems.
=> if you or your friends already have let’s say large warmaster collections, you can probably fiddle around a little bit to make these work with KoW, even if you’re not 100% at scale.

I’ve been wanting to jump into kow @10/15mm scale for a while, but need to finish some other projects first - and motivate people to join!
I think I would go with 2/, and just merge units/bases to do 1/ as well with them.

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I’ve played KoW with 6mm mini on Warmaster (40x20mm) basing, using cm instead of inches, and it worked great.

Only downsides are lack of opponents (I had to provide all the armies), and the fiddliness factor. If you are a little sloppy with precise play or accidentally nudge a regiment in 28mm KoW it can sometimes have a big effect on charge arcs. That gets amplified with tiny lightweight units.

Jepp, we play 15mm. But its more the case that we enjoy smaller scale than we want to play KoW. Id never play it in 28mm, but for 15mm its quick and easy to get an army. :slight_smile:

More of our stuff can be found here for those interested:


Kings of War & Vanguard 15mm - Showcase - The Kings of War forum (kowforum.com)

This is SO cool.

I have a bunch of 10mm laying around, so I’m definitely going to give this a try.

I’m painting up some Warmaster currently and will also try small scale KoW with it, just sticking with 40x20 = troop for everything works great since it’s downscaling the footprint by around 60%, roughly the same amount that the minis are downscaled by. From there inches can convert directly to cm and it’s good to play as usual.

Do you have any pictures of your army?

I kinda would like see what you’re doing as a reference.

Heck, I may just start painting up some 10mm elves tonight.

I admit the idea of putting normal scale models on smaller unit bases is tempting. To be able to play on a smaller table. But only if I find some left over models from armies I already have.

We have an active KOW scene that is a good mix of tournament and casual players. We do mix in a little 10mm KOW a few times a year. 10mm is an opportunity for us to build large armies that we’d never have the time or money to build in 28mm. It also affords the ability to play a massive battle on your standard 6x4. All the details about how we base and rules adjustments can be found here:

We also have a few episodes on the topic for those more into Podcasts.


When KoW historical was launched at my local club we decided to play it with 10mm as it’s super cheap to get a 2000pt army on the table and historical armies are well supported in 10mm ranges ( I got mine from https://www.magistermilitum.com/scale/10mm.html )
I made 2 forces
Romans & Seleucids
We scaled everything down to cm instead of inches and it worked really well.


Clever idea Clem. Build so many units that you can effectively play normal 28mm games with the same army, if desired?

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What do you all think I could use these elves for? Pendraken has a cool 10mm line, I have a ton of them.

I’m thinking palace guard?


I recently bought a load of Chaos Dwarfs from Excellent Miniatures for Warmaster. While cleaning them up I did notice that a stand is 10 models, so perfect for a 10mm KoW.

Always great when I can get multiple use out of an army.

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