2024 New Year Resolutions

Hi all,

Here’s a thread for 2023 resolutions. Last year’s one was really useful for me but i still have plenty to get done. Feel free to add your own targets for the year below and remember to keep us up to date with progress!

My targets (painting):

  1. Finish Dwarf warband
  2. Finish Abyssals for Dungeon Saga
  3. Abyssal Warband
  4. Paint extra Deadzone terrain
  5. Mazon Labs / Plague Strike team (from star saga)

Targets (non-painting)

  1. Attend another event
  2. Complete another Dungeon Saga quest with the kids

If I get through these I’ll add more, but i think this is quite a lot to target for the year!


First on the list is to finish up my 2022 projects. :sweat_smile:

  • Finish up my nightstalkers.
    I have a mindscreetch and 5 scarecrows that are mostly painted
  • Paint up my 15mm Romans.
    I only got to the legionaries.

Projects that I want to get done in 2023 are:
For painting:

  • An upgrade project for my dwarfs.
    The terrain I made to go with my dwarfs (more accurately: to match their basing) needs some nicer impassable. I have a load of cork to make rocky impassable out of.
    I have tried to “upgrade” ironclad models with command bits to make ironguard, but I don’t think they’re distinct enough and need to be rebased.
    The plan is thus to turn them (2 regiments) into bulwalkers using spears from Mantic skeleton sprues and spread out the not quite ironguard models.

  • Paint up some Sci-Fi models I got for skirmish games/ a bit of different painting. The skirmish game in question being Space Station Zero. They’re Mantic models though, so I may have opened the door to Deadzone.

  • Paint my 15mm Viking army.

For gaming:
Use each of my painted armies/collection/bunch of stuff for a game at least once.

That will require, at minimum:

  1. At least 2 games of KoW (dwarfs and nightstalkers).
    Not likely to be an issue.
  2. If get everything I want to painted that’s at least 3 games of historical ancients (probably ADLG or DBA).
    Medieval Germans (from last year), Romans and Vikings.
  3. Getting a game of Gaslands arranged.
  4. Space Station Zero.
    Likely a play through of the solo adventure/story.

I expect that Gaslands and the Vikings (last on the 2023 list for painting) will be the challenges.


Pretty similar to last year really!

  1. Not to paint more than 3 new armies :wink:
  2. Have a mainly mantic army ready by Clash.
  3. Actually use the stuff I painted last year!

In a little more detail, the current plans are:

  • Abyssal dwarfs as the mostly mantic army - with my usual range of random stuff thrown in!
  • Using the leftover goblins bits from the above (goblins being used in an AD army you say? :thinking:) and victrix vikings(!) along with warlord erehwon orc to “finish” off the RFO.
  • Some halfling gunners, trolls and more cavalry, along with at least one more iron beast and harvester.
  • More odds and ends for my sprawling KoM/LoR/Brothermark/Basilean army - militia & berserkers, another phoenix, some more elohi.

Event-wise, I’ve pencilled in three 2day events (Northern Kings GT, Clash, SW Clash) and will look out for odd 1day ones


Ooh, 2023 resolutions? Here’s mine…


  • Bring my KoW Dwarfs to at least 6000pts legal. That’s basically another 1000pts of minis, so it’s possibly one of the easiest goals on this list…

  • Repaint and build my Abyssals to 2300 points for a Slow-grow that’s being organised on the Facbook KoW Australia page. I really dislike my old Abyssal army, so i figured this was a good opportunity to turn them into something i could enjoy seeing on the table. I’ve also got a good theme in mind, so that’ll help.

  • Finish enough Plague minis to make a 1000pt Firefight army. I’m halfway there, but i need a bunch of infantry to fill it out.

  • Paint my Deadzone terrain. Ugh, it’s just gotta get done. I’m sick of seeing all that grey plastic! :unamused:

  • Paint my KoW Ogre army. Another great idea & theme that stalled after two units. There’s a few kinks to work out but I’d quite like to see these guys finished one day.


  • Paint that awesome Gloomspite Warband i just got for Warhammer Underworlds

  • Finish the last unit for my Gibbering Hordes (The Other Side); a squad of 9x Yarazi

  • Paint up my Guild force for The Other Side

So that’s basically what i want to paint. But realistically, with the kids including a 1 year old to look after, i think I’ll be lucky to finish just a few of those. :grimacing:
Still, gotta aim high, right? :wink:


The main resolution or the main goal for me this year is to get a bloody game in and attend an event or two, last years gaming plans were flushed down the toilet due to other commitments and work etc.

Other goals are to quietly get on with painting and basing my remaining Undead and maybe repaint some of my EoD.


“The best laid plans of mice and men, struggle when confronted by toddlers” or something like that!

I agree with aiming high - even if you dont quite make it you should be happy!

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Gaming goals are great , as they oftwn give you a deadline for a painting goal too… Register for an event and aim to take your repainted EoD!

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Maybe a goal of not embarassing the rest of us with your productivity! :grin:


Opened the door to deadzone? Careful, you could get sucked right in through that door!

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New projects tend to proliferate wildly for me, but I’ll be happy if in 2023 I can get these done:

  1. Paint another army for KOW, preferably from existing models. I’d love if I could finally get my Khorne daemons on the table, after languishing for close to a decade with primer at best. If I instead refurb and add to my Nurgle legacy army instead, well that’s fine too, and certainly a lot less work as the vast majority of it is already painted. Doing both would be neat but I’m not holding out that much hope.

  2. Limit new KOW armies to Ambush until the above is done. I’ve actually been painting some totally unrelated demons and have the urge to shove them to full 2300 point size but I really need to not, for the sake of my other projects and aging 3D printer.

  3. Continue adding to and updating my Hallow Herd, so I have a second KOW 3E army that looks decent. I’m adding woodland critters this month and have some weird stuff either printed or in the queue.

  4. Paint two more Warhammer Underworlds teams, especially with how many I now own :grimacing: This will be hurt by how few people play near me, but also helped by having one team just about through basecoating already :wink:

  5. Paint another Kill Team, likely Nids if not the new Kroot.

Gaming-wise, I’ll be attending as many tournaments as my schedule allows, per usual, which is usually 3-4. I’m tempted to finally go to Adepticon but March is a bit too soon for me to start planning a 2023 trip out to Chicago. I’m also running another season of my Blades in the Dark campaign and would like to run a second game of something, probably online with my brothers / brother-in-law who don’t live in the same time zone as me.

EDIT: I forgot that some of my clubmates want to resurrect Mordheim once again, so I might be printing and painting a Mordheim gang too :man_facepalming:


Possibly the scheduled events might steer my painting a bit - my normal approach is build lots of stuff and scrabble around making an army out of it for a tournament - i may actually plan and build a list this time? :grinning:


Holy moly that’s a lot of stuff to paint - all sounds great though! Keep us updated as you go, you’ve got your fingers in a lot of pies!

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2023 is going to my year of Making it Happen👍

Hobby goals this year:

  1. Undead project- 2300 list built and painted with a display board.
    After sitting on the backburner for the last 6 months, I finished painting my first unit for the army, the Soul Reaver cav regiment.

I’m hoping to push my hobby skills with this project, incorporating each multibase into a large diorama style display board of an Undead force mobbing an old farm town.

Nonhobby goals:

  1. Attend a 1 day event - this year is likely to be just as busy as 2022 (probably moreso) and I never made it out last year.
  2. Attend at least 3 gaming nights- minimum 1 with Riftforged Orcs Ambush and minimum 1 with Sylvan Kin.

Have I finished my 2022 goals? Not yet, but its fine they’ll end up finished some time.

My 2023 goal? Honour the “words of the year” of 2022 and go “Goblin Mode”, aka work on my Halflings and Humans. They aren’t individually strong, but there’s a lot of them, and they have big guns. Fantastic.

I also want to set up my own game room this year, if at all possible.


Didn’t join this topic last year and regretted it so here we go for 2023!

Continuing my long journey into completing sizeable 28mm armies for most ‘standard’ fantasy factions.

(1) I’ve started my Halfling army before Christmas - thanks to a TT combat Kickstater earlier in the year. I’m just completing the sixth foot regiment and now need to start looking at the ten plus cavalry regiments still in packaging. I’m finding even the thoughts of this a bit daunting.

(2) Start my human faction army. Already got a lot of miniatures in the form of six Perry Agincourt plastic boxes (240 foot :sweat_smile:).

(3) Go back on my Undead, Elves and Goblins to add extras - or at least quantify what could be added. My Dwarves are good - I painted 15K+ of them by accident.

(4) I’ve got about 300 Battletech miniatures from the Clan Invasion Kickstarter to paint. Looking at panel lining tutorials lately so the bug to start panting them is building. I need to find a game group to spur on my painting. BT is my true game love and Battletech PC games are just a pare shadow of real TT Mech combat.

(5) Got a few Wild West skirmish rulesets last year. Still pondering that as a side project.

(6) Play a game. Any game at this stage. :rofl:. Young kids suit painting but not getting TT time.


My gaming goals for the year are modest compared to some of yall. I simply want to get more games of armada and kow in, especially with my now 13yr old. Time is difficult to find and it is ever expending itself. I think my focus wil be mostly on ambush for the sake of time. Painting will come eventually haha.


Very worthy goals! It’s not a competition (luckily for me!)

Well im going well after a month and a bit!

Finish Dwarf warband - only the mastiff handler left! Ive done 16 out of 17!

Finish Abyssals for Dungeon Saga - did some more (see photo). Just a quick job as these are my “just get them done” models. Note that ive done a couple of extra abyssals too! Just 5 more to go…

Abyssal Warband - the extra abyssals work towards this warband - got a fair way to go
Paint extra Deadzone terrain - not started yet
Mazon Labs / Plague Strike team (from star saga) - letting my son do the plague, he’s done a couple.

Hows the first month and a bit gone for everyone else?


First of the Halfing cavalry coming along nicely. Hopefully have them in the montly thread soon.


So my New Years resolution is going…okay? Lets break it down…


  1. Bring Dwarf Army to 6000 points legal
    As expected, I’m smashing this. At the moment I’ve got 5700pts of Dwarfs painted, but that’s only 5260 pts if i drop enough Heroes etc to keep it legal. I’ve added a Sheildbreaker and Ironguard Regiment so far, but I’ve got more than a few unlocking units lined up to paint in the coming months.

  1. Paint an Abyssal Army
    Yeah, this isn’t going to happen this year. :stuck_out_tongue: I was planning to paint this army as part of the Australian slow grow league.but when it came down to it, i actually just wanted to paint more Dwarfs! So instead, I’m putting this on the backburner for a year or two and turning this goal into…

2b. Paint a Free Dwarf Army to 2300pts
Yeah, the overlap in units with my pledge to paint more Imperial Dwarfs makes this an easier task, but I’m going with it. :wink: So the previously mentioned Sheildbreakers i painted will count for this pledge, but I’m also working on some Free-Dwarf specific units, like a Mastiff Pack Master and some Spear Levy converted from Halflings (kind of like Halfling Conscripts fighting for their Dwarf masters :wink: )

  1. Paint a 1000pt Plague army for Firefight
    No progress. I’ve got a bunch of models in need of assembly, but right now they’re just not yet a priority.

  2. Paint my Deadzone Terrain
    Also no progress! Honestly, I’m finding it hard to get motivated enough to paint terrain, so this could be a tough one.

  3. Paint a KoW Ogre army
    Good Progress! Since the start of the year I’ve knocked out almost all of the heroes and two Warrior Hordes. That just leaves two more ogre hordes (Boomers & Siegebreakers) and a Giant. Then i need to source myself a bunch of Goblins for my 2.5 Rabble Hordes, which are probaby going to take more time to paint that most of the rest of the army!


A. Paint the Gloomspite Gits Warband
I started painting the minis, but otherwise not much progress to speak of.

B. Paint my Yarazi squad for The Other Side
So far im a third of the way through the squad. I just need to find the time and motivation to power through the last 6 minis!

C. Paint a Guild Force for The Other Side
No progress. In theory the painting should be a breeze for these guys. What’s mainly holding me back, though, is the need to assemble a single squad of 6 guys. :stuck_out_tongue: