2024 New Year Resolutions

First quarter check in!

My 15mm Early Imperial Romans are painted:

This includes:
A terrain and conversion project for my Dwarfs.
A few dwarfs for Frostgrave.
Some extra scarecrows for my Nightstalkers.
Commanders for my 15th century Germans.
Eastern troops and allies for my Romans.

The German project has expanded, because I got a contingent of Landsknechts to add in.
Which lets my late Medieval Germans venture into the early Renaissance.
This project has skipped the priority que to be next, because I’m keen on historical in the “Pike and Shot” era at the moment.

Which makes the dwarf terrain project less likely this year.

I also have a lot of assorted fantasy minis (about 100 of them).
I’ve been chipping at those when I didn’t feel like my main project and they’re almost all ready for priming, when weather allows.


I will have 600 points of Empire of Dust and 600 points of Ogres painted, and based, in about one month’s time (at my current rate of work, which is painting 5 models a day, if they’re something relatively simple like a skeleton warrior).

I’ve got a village and two necro shrines from TT Combat to assemble and paint, maybe say that’s another week’s work.

After that, for the rest of the year, I’d like to buy and finish Ambush boxes for both EOD and Ogres, at a minimum. Possibly the odd ‘other’ unit or hero also, but if I could get them towards 1000 points apiece by the end of the year I’d be happy with that.

Doable you say?

Yes, but I’ve also committed to my sons that in August we will buy Ambush boxes for Twilight Kin and Forces of the Abyss. I foolishly gave them the choice of their own faction… Thinking I’d hear not that much more about it, but they keep bringing it up… So doesn’t look like I can wriggle out of that one.

I’ll assemble and paint all through the year, more or less at the current pace, not sure where that will have me finish up.


Checking in as well. I wanted to get in 24 games. So far I’m at 11. I still haven’t attended an event but am hopeful to do that as well. And as for painting, I wanted to add 8 units this year. I’ve added 2 regiments of zombie trolls and 2 troops of villein skirmisher cav, so I’m ahead of the curve on that one as well.