3ed rules questions

Thanks for the reply…exactly what i was thinking.

I guess we’ll know for sure one day…i’m just gonna use them for now on the basis that if a Titan Hero can have an attachment, then a smaller Hero should be allowed one too!

I mean, the rules ARE pretty specific, so the correct move for now is definitely not to use them. Will be interesting to see whether that gets an errata.

There’s an “e.g.” missing - it’s supposed to be a list of examples, not a limited list.

All hero types can take them.


Exactly as I thought. Many thanks for making it clear!

Is there a topic where we can report such typos and other errors? So other players will know about them and Mantic can correct them more easily.

Had my first 3rd edition game yesterday (Pillage against Herd, ended in a draw, but fun!) and we had a series of simple questions:

  1. If a character does an At The Double move, can they cast a spell? We assumed not, based on shooting rules
  2. If a unit does a Counter Charge without being Disordered, do they get Thunderous Charge? We assumed yes
  3. If a unit is Engaged, but Wavered, can they do the Withdraw free move? We assumed no
  4. If a unit is Engaged, but Wavered, can they fight? We assumed no
  5. Can a Hero or Monster be Devastated?
  1. Correct, units cannot cast spells after moving ATD.
  2. Yes.
  3. This one you got wrong. The wavered units are still allowed to move (with some restrictions), so they may Withdraw.
  4. Some special rules (e.g. Fury) may change this but normally, the unit cannot (counter)charge.
  5. Sure, I do not recall any unit-type restrictions for Devastated.
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Thanks for the answers! On point 3, our reasoning was that being Wavered allows you to do a Halt, Move, or Back command, but Withdraw wasn’t listed (or then we misread). However, Withdraw is a “free” move, so the confusion was whether this counts or not.

I had a case where a unit was flank charged and got wavered. In its own turn it did the free 1" withdraw (sideways in this case) and then the Change Facing order. By that it was able to turn to face the enemy with its front facing. :sweat_smile:
We also found nothing to disallow the wavered unit getting the free withdraw. But it did feel very “nimble” for a wavered unit.

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I guess you wanted to say Change facing (or pivot on the spot) instead of the Move, but I point this typo out to make sure it is not misinterpreted. :slightly_smiling_face: Fred’s post also makes it quite clear what withdrawing wavered units is good for.

I agree that that is what Withdraw WOULD be good for, my question is “is Withdraw allowed”. Under the Wavered rules the RAW doesn’t state Withdraw as an accetpable command, hence our confusion.

It’s not a command but something you are allowed to do before giving a command.

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Alright, thanks for the clarifications! Onwards to more games

Spell question: From what I can see, all spells now hit on 4+ unless specifically mentioned within the spell description.
Does this also apply to individuals with no modifier to hit?

Spells never suffered from the -1 to hit Individuals in the previous ed so I assume its the same now.

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ok thanks.

Was unsure of that in 2ed too!

This came up on Fanatics fb page

"Can the Monolith be issued a Charge order?

It doesn’t have a Melee characteristic, but I couldn’t find a notion saying that would stop it from charging."

Its one of those that the answer is clearly intend to be ‘no’ but justifying that in the rules doesn’t seem clear? War machines are explicitly prohibited from being issued with a charge order, but the monolith isn’t one.

The Monolith can move in the 3ed, unlike it was in the 2ed. It has also become titan, no longer being a war engine. As the rules are written, it can charge. Whether it was an intention or not is not clear to me, so I would stick with the rules here. @Sceleris, why do you think the Monolith is not intended to charge.

The rather obvious absence of a ME stat would seem to intend it cannot fight and thus should be prohibited from doing so (ie stopping it getting into combat by prohibiting charging).

Sure, the absence of Me is indicating but otherwise, there is not much difference between blocking an enemy unit by moving the Monolith in front of it (1" away) or charging it. OK, the charge provides some additional options but in many situations a movement ATD will do the same job. Fluffwise, I would find it more appropriate if it was a war engine with a special (larger) base but if the rules team really intended to make it a titan, then I also accept that it can charge.

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