Andreas' Kingdoms of Men & League of Rhordia

My growing Kingdoms of Men army

Pole-Arms Horde

Knight Regiment

Pike Horde

Pike Horde

Foot Guards


Mounted Sergeant Troop

Mounted Sergeant Troop

Militia Horde


Nice. How did you do the banners?

They are store bought printed paper banners.

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These are great, wonderfully painted.

Any fluff for the army? I feel that the Perry WoR models captures Valentica and the successor kingdoms wonderfully. Not as ostentatius as Basilea but somewhat more advanced.

I dont know much about the Mantic backstory as I am mostly into painting and the occasional game. The army is based on the Burgundian Ordonance of Charles the Bold.

Beautiful force, this is Kingdom of Men at its best, with loads of dudes and some really rich regiment basing.

Lovely paint job! I have my first battle in 2 years Thursday and I’mlooking forward to taking KoM out.

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Work in Progress on four Pole-Arms troops that can be combined as a horde, or two regiments.

Two mounted Wizards, two Wizards on foot, and three mounted heroes.


These turned out fantastic.

I would love a how to on gluing the grass and the materials.

I can do a short tutorial when I am basing my next unit.

Very nice looking army.

How has it done on the table?

At the moment I am just painting it, when I get to around 1500 points I will take it for a spin :slight_smile:

As others have said, wonderful looking force. The Perry’s line of miniatures are great, and your work in them has really brought the sculpts to life.

I honestly feel that this is the joy of KoM, a very rich and varied range of models and periods to choose from. I look forward to seeing how these progress.

I like your painting style. Very crisp!

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Kingdoms of Men basing tutorial

  1. Once I am finished painting the unit I paint the base of each miniature earth brown
  2. Glue the miniatures to the base
  3. Cover the base with Vallejo Earth Texture
  4. Scatter some small stones and gravel on the bases while the earth texture is still wet, push the stones into the earth texture if necessary. Leave to dry overnight.
  5. Trim excess earth texture off the edge of the bases.
  6. Make a thick wash from a cheap dark brown paint
  7. Cover the base with the paint, some of the earth texture will show through the dark brown paint. Leave to dry overnight.
  8. Drybrush with two, or more, lighter colors. I use Desert Yellow and Iraqui Sand, but any color will do.

  9. Cover the base irregularly with watered down white glue, its not supposed to be runny.
  10. Cover with static grass, I use 2mm Mini-Natur Frühherbst and a static grass applicator, but just covering it with static grass , turning it over, and lightly tapping on the bottom of the base works fine. Since I am basing 4 troops in this example I want them to be able to combine as two regiments or a horde so I make sure that the grass on the bases fit with each other.
  11. Its not necessary to be 100% accurate.
  12. I glue on a selection of tufts to break up the static grass a bit and make the base more interesting.
  13. Finally I add some leaf litter to break up the base even more.

4 Troops of Pole-Arms


Cheers - great looking stuff

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I really appreciate that you consistently pull off “colorful” without looking cartoony. Well done!


Not really Kingdoms of Men, but they are painted in the same scheme so they can be combined as League of Rhordia.


Various Kingdoms of Men characters