Andreas' The Herd

Original Army
2x Spirit Walker Horde, 2x Guardian Brute Horde, 3x Beast Pack, 2x Chimera, 1x Centaur Chief, 2x Shaman

Tribal Warriors, usually run as a third horde of Spirit Walkers

Lycan Horde

Lycan Alpha


Another Stampede

Bray Hunters

Avatar of the Father



Stunning. This is why we need a forum.


Very impressive. There can’t be enough cool pics of painted KoW units on multibases.


Very nice! They look fantastic.

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Wow! There is some great kitbashing going on in this one. Love that Avian model too. Good Job. And that armored WW. Nice!

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Very nice.

What are the two big beasties that make IP the second stampede?

They are Mierce Auroggs

Two Forest Shambler troops, the miniatures are from the TT Combat Halfling Kickstarter with some GW bits.


beautiful work there, the green foliage is a stunning touch.

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£59.99! Nice minis but too rich for me.

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absolutely beast-worthy, love the detail, your painting, and model selection.
Keep howling at the moon and posting these amazing pics.


Epic! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I bought them at a 50% sale :slight_smile:

These are absolutely wonderful. And a great Inspiration for my own units :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Fantastic work as always, Andreas.

The forest shamblers have a very nice, lush and vibrant color scheme. Love them!

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Three Tree Herders for my herd army, I need to paint spearmen, harpies and earth elementals… so much new stuff :exploding_head:


Looks great
Loving the little critters in their branches with the foliage, really makes the unit pop!

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Really cool minis :blush: I like the paint job a lot and the basing suits it perfectly.

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Great application of colors on all of this!

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Where did you get the fern pieces?