Andreas' Undead

I am slowly repainting and multibasing my old Warhammer Fantasy Undead for KoW. I decided to keep the color scheme, which meant I can mostly overpaint the miniatures instead of stripping them and starting fresh.

A couple of before shots,
Skeletons, Zombies, Spirit Hosts, Black Coach, Grave Guard

Skeleton Spearmen, lots more in the bags and I think I have some more in the attic

Grave Guard

More Zombies and a unit of Black Knights

Characters and Ghouls, also some bats I cant find a use for

Pro painted 20 years ago… :blush:

I have more somewhere, wolves, more vampires, plastic skeletons and some other stuff.


First repainted unit, a Regiment of Revenants


A horde base for my next unit


Those look awesome! Maybe you could use individual bats to mark a unit upgrade?

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Love the green and red. Looks like the old Nightmare Legion RoR.


Love the vibrant colours! Green is a particular nice colour on undead anyhow, but yours make the models really stand out.


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Zombie Horde, made from a mix of GW Empire and Zombie parts


Three troops of touched up Ghouls and a Ghast. I am regretting the red loincloths, but as they say, onward and upward. :slight_smile:

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Army is really coming together nicely.