Armada - I think i'm going to need a bigger boat!

loving the sea monsters-epic

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Next lot of WiP ships - aiming to get the Black Seas/KoM stuff finished before my Armada pre-order arrives :wink:

Think its coming together nicely


Very Nice! I’m waiting for the arrival of my preorder still :laughing:

But I’m still quite busy with the KOW army anyways, so likely won’t start with Armada before next year.

But wow … you been busy @Sceleris ! Awesome! :grinning:

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Right, that’s the Black Sea stuff finished - hurry up and deliver Mantic, I want some more ships to paint :wink:


Holey moley! That’s quite an ahem armada! Congrats on being so productive.

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Currently awaiting the Armada stuff, so have gone slightly mad an decided they’ll need some crew! In come 3mm Roman auxiliary & Goths to fill in :wink:


These models are really rather small!


Right, need to start a boatyard!


I’ve got my starter + Abess too.

It’s just that I’m moving homes at the moment, so it’ll be a few days (at least) or weeks (probably) before I start on my boats.

Planning on doing an elohi & hammerfist as test models , then using Christmas time to break the back of the fleets.

Really impressed with the models.

[Plus in middle of FoN build/paint, which I want to get sorted]

Everyone getting their boats, yay :slight_smile:

Mine arrived as well, but it will be a while before I get started on them.

If I start boats now I’ll never finish my elf army :wink:

But dayum, those models look cool!

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I’ve bought a few Warlord Games ships and while I like the hulls, the sails and masts are not as good as the Mantic ships. But my KOM and Rhodians will definitely need naval support so I am am ‘forced’ to by more ships😁

I was somewhat uninterested with Armada but this fleet has made me reconsider. Immense.

Test orc boat pretty much done


Basilean ship and something to hunt!


Lovely! I painted my first ship too (see here), now working on the two smaller Basilean ships.

Has anyone played a sea battle yet? My theorybuilding favours Abesses, supported by Gun Brigs and Gur Panthers over Elohi based fleets.

Nice job on yours Vince.

Painting the lot and will figure stuff out later! Do want to pick up a second Abbess and do think that style list has some merit

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Couple more boats for each fleet


I really like your orc fleet, the paintjob on it is fantastic. The basilean ships are also nice but not that much appealing to me. Maybe its the pictures, maybe my personal preference. It is great you also managed to add the crew on the ships, it is a lovely add-on. Keep on with the good work!

EDIT: Maybe I found out what I do not like about the basilean ships, the emblems on the sails. They are sticking out too much. It is good you sanded out the orc ones, I may do the same when my empire of dust fleet comes. The emblems themselves are not a problem, the problem is their too thick layer prevents them looking as painted on the sails.