Armada - I think i'm going to need a bigger boat!

Yeah, completely agree. If they’d had the emblem in less relief (like on the small boat) I would have preferred that.

Glad you like the orc ones - the models are a joy to paint.

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More orc vessels and some sea monsters for them to hunt!


Basilean reinforcements.



lovely texture to the wood ect.

Orc & Basilean ships, plus the first of a small Abyssal fleet.


Wow, I really love the Elohi ship with the alternative bow and dragon! Might want to steal that one!


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Are the black sails painted with contrast paints?

Few group shots - as currently have run out of ships to paint!

@Vince - cheers. Its from the GW Chaotic Beasts kit for Warcry - there are a number of spare heads and work really easily.

@KoshtraBelorn - yeah, drybrushed various shades of grey, black contrast then light highlight


Some WiP ships for a count as abyssal fleet


Slowly completing the fleet. This is 4/5, my 2nd Elohi.


Next couple of devil ships


Finished off the count-as Abyssal fleet.


Mantic/Warlord have put together some rules to enable the Black Sea ships to be used in Armada - which arrived today.

Haven’t had an opportunity to get a game in as yet, so don’t entirely know how things will pan out on the table, but the KoM ship rules seem solid, have plenty of firepower going and the XL ships have a LOT of guns :wink:

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@Sceleris, where’d u get them?

And more precise, how do we get them too? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Vince - Warlord currently have first dibs at selling them :slight_smile:


how do the Black Sea ships look alongside the Mantic ones?

Phone’s playing silly buggers and not letting me upload pics at the moment, but here’s a link to some pics I stuck on fb

They aren’t as bulky or ‘heroic’ but scale pretty well.

If the link only takes you to the group page, there is a blog referenced here which has some comparison pics.

Ah… Must resist… at least until I finished painting my Kow Ships and have a few games in… must resist…

(Guarantueed to fail somewhere in the next week during this lockdown)
Edit: this one has sparked my interest for quite a few years. IF I’m going to paint up a KoM fleet, this is gonna be my XL ship.

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