Armada looks interesting! :)

I’m probably not going to pre-order, since I doubt I will have time to paint or play this right now anyway, but it does look really intriguing!

I’m pretty certain I will be getting it as soon as I have some time for it though. Partly as looking at the sizes of the models (best place I found that described the base sizes is here: ) I will even be able to re-use the old Man’O’War models I still have knocking around too - although I will ofc get some new Mantic ones too :slight_smile:

That said, I never really liked Man’O’War that much though, perhaps because I was “forced” to play Orcs (as usual) & they were absolute crud in that game from what I recall (usual GW “great balancing” there!), but I did think it had some interesting stuff with the broadsides rules and tactics etc.

Has anyone here played Armada yet somehow? Or Black Seas? Anyone care to review it from a more critical strategy / tactical standpoint perhaps? I’ve listened to the CounterCharge podcast about it ofc, but it didn’t really tell me anything beyond surface level stuff.


I will definitely buy the starter set, sell the ships of either Basileans or orcs, then wait for a release of the EoD ships hoping they come out before Christmas. I do not like much the design of the dwarf ships but otherwise the models look really sweet. :yum: I have long wished for a naval fantasy game, Mantic is fulfilling my dream with the Armada release. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like a good plan! :smiley:

I agree most of the ship designs are pretty cool but there are a few clunkers for me too. I am a bit 50:50 on the “on fire” Orc ship tbh! … it really depends on the rules & lore for it. If it is an actual suicidal ‘fire ship’ then that sounds cool and Orcy to me… If it’s some crazy magical thing then that’s very MEH for my taste!

I’m still worried that Orcs get the short end of the tactical options stick in KoW Armada though, and it will be like Man’O’War where other fleets get all the interesting naval tactics trying to position for big broadside attacks… and Orcs just charge… er… sail in at their enemies and that’s about it… :confused: But I hope not!

I’ll find out soon and see what I’m allowed to tell people, but from the brief glimpse of the cards on the teaser they look like they’re going to just fine.

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This. I have always wanted a naval gunpowder wargame, but never got around trying it out. With armada, this might very well be.


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I was a big fan of Spartan Games’ Uncharted Seas. It had an elegant solution for how ships turned. Also the models for that game were absolutely gorgeous. Was gutted when SG stopped supporting it, and then eventually went under.

Will be keeping a close eye on Armada and see how it measures up to Uncharted Seas. Of it comes close or surpasses it, I will be investing in it.


Never come across that one before, but that does look really cool and some lovely models too…! Oh the things I’ve missed when away from mini gaming for ages :smiley:

I hope you can post your thoughts and comparison here in future, that kind of critical comparison from someone familiar with other naval games would be superb to read.

i have to say that while i understand adapting an existing ruleset to the setting, i never saw the naval realm of KoW as being one akin to 18th century cannon and sail. to me, the seas of pannithor were plyed by much older styles of vessel. Galleys, Cogs. Longships. etc. I always imagined Basilea as using Byzantine style Dromons for example.
nor did i ever really see ironclads for dwarfs… given their nature, it seems like they’d want to avoid the ocean, and if sailing on it, would focus on fast stable vessels to minimize how long trips take, such as (anachronistic) Clipperships.

orcs and Goblins i always saw as using captured ships from the other factions with minor mods, like ram prows, oversized guns, or various boarding tools (like the Corvus)

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I’ve bought into this as it will give me a break from painting army number 9.

Seems like a solid basic rule set (with ‘fantasy twists’) and the models look very nice (cf the Black Sea stuff or Oak & Iron by Flintlock).

Needs to have enough variety amongst the races to make things interesting, without factions being ‘better’. Would help if they got the other mantic races versions out in decent time. Would be nice if there were fairly generic ship profiles (for the small, medium, large) efforts

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based on BS the profiles can be fairly close but races access to upgrades or special rules can make the difference. British Marines and French double hulls are two that come immediately to mind with it’s historic counterpart. There’s a lot of depth to play with beyond the profile

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I wonder how likely we are to see Mantic only factions in this game? My guess is that if the faction doesn’t have a Mantic model, it doesn’t appear in this game.

It makes sense for Kingdom of Men, as their aesthetic style has such a diverse scope.

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I will see how I like the rules, but I definitely welcome the models and will likely use them with my own naval rules

In the counter charge podcast, Matt Gilbert talks about having a Kingsdoms of Men fleet scetched out. Which makes sense, since KoM might use the black seas ships instead of Mantic’s one.


Good to hear, guess that means that the models arw going to be in the same scale.

Yeah, think the quote used in the release was along the lines of ‘similar scale, but more heroic’

That’s the problem with taking inspiration from all things that sound cool.
Pannithor is a world where armies with gunpowder exist at the same time as Arthurian Knights and things from the Dark Ages and chariots must be worth taking despite becoming obsolete roughly a millennium before that.

While that leads to… odd interactions and technology that shouldn’t be invented considering other technology (like the boomer sergeant with cartridges);
it’s a good thing in a game world.
It’s more important that Pannithor inspires imagination and is exciting than that everything is perfectly consistent and accurate.

With that in mind; naval warfare that inspires the imagination for most involves pirates that say Arrr!
Who are also dashing scoundrels rather than vicious robbers.

Sail that requires taking wind into account and getting broadsides is also a good tactical basis for a game that most people are already vaguely aware of. I get that there are probably other interesting periods of naval warfare, but those are arguably better explored in the context of historical wargaming.

Edit: also, the dwarf ships make sense to me.
Sturdy and strong. I get that dwarfs wouldn’t like the sea, but The Empire needs a fleet and dwarfs get the job done.
It’s also a case of going with what is presented, getting hung up on what one might have preferred or envisioned themselves will only serve to rob oneself of enjoyment.

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On Armada itself: it looks great and fun.
I would probably enjoy this immensely and it really cements the notion that I could play only Mantic games and still have things that I don’t have time for.

My RL situation means that I barely have time for KoW though. While I want Armada to be on the list of things to get to eventually, I doubt that I will realistically get to it. Which is a shame.

My one nitpick is that they could have chosen a better name. “Armada” is kinda taken and that’s going to get confusing and make Google searches for information about this harder (which doesn’t help when getting new people in).


lol, never thought of it like this, but it’s true.

To me: age of sail >>> older naval wargame
That said, it’s strange indeed that Basilean armies don’t have cannon and their ships do.

Fortunately there’s always the “it’s magic” explanation. And otherwise, it’s a game, so it doesn;t have to make 100% sense. Look at the orc ships for instance…

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I’ve pre-ordered the starter set, now looking at maybe also getting some Basilea boosters? Those ships are just so pretty…


I pre-ordered the Armada launch bundle, and plan on collecting every faction.
I used to play MoW in the 90’s, and was eye-balling Uncharted Seas for a while.
Now I just need to get a KoW->Vanguard->Armada->KoW RPG campaign put together.