Bandrol’s Holy Gang (Basileans)

For all fans of Basilea I give you some impressions of my army. It took me about 2 years to paint, but as it is a hobby, I take my time. :sweat_smile:
You will find only Mantic models. I have no history in any other Tabletop games and no Minis to reuse, so why not. The photos are taken by my dear wife who has a passion for photography and a very good eye :kissing_heart:

We start with my Sisterhood, consisting of a Scout Troop and their Abbess. The Abbess was painted by someone else, because I just wanted to try it out. The girls are my very first Basileans and the first ever KoW unit I painted.


very nice

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The next unit I finished were those Oger Palace Guard. Tried multibasing for the very first time, but I wanted to stay flexible so 3 of the guys are based normally and have a round magnet worked INTO the base. Now I do it differently, but it was my first approach. The idea was that you can take them off and use them as a regiment.

The one in the middle was my first ever kit bash. I changed his arm so he can charge down the hill.


Really nice! I love those Basilea sculpts. The Basilaen warband for Vanguard was so much fun to paint. I’m very eager to see the rest of your army.

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The next units I painted were my two troops of Gur Panthers. I tried to give them a fur texture. Was my first attempt with fur.


Now things go very interesting. I did my only indoor-multibase for the second Ogre Palace Guard Horde. For Basileans that had to be marble. I found that Terrain Crate Temple-pack, but the marble-effect had to be painted. After scanning through a variety of marble photos and tutorials and trying some things I abandoned the fast ways and did it stroke by stroke.

As for the minis, you can see how my skills are different than with the first Ogres. I put a lot more effort in getting the metal right and emphasizing shadows and lights. Also I did my very first freehands on the coats. Hope you like them!

A thing you might notice: I used the original bases and just glued them on cardboard so I can separate them again later if needed. I never overcame my laziness to put them on a proper Hord-base. :sweat_smile:


Love it!

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Love those panthers! A good variety of colors while still looking naturalistic.

The marble looks great too, a definite success.


Congratulations - your marble effect tiles look rather better than the ones on my kitchen floor. You may want to consider a new job as a kitchen fitter.


Thanks for the nice responses so far. Time for a horde of spearmen. First I painted up the Veterans from the Army-Box. Their weapons are magnetized. The idea was to be able to make swordsmen out of them, but I experienced a much more useful effect: when charged the annoying spears can just be taken off to make room for the enemy model! :grin: Then the Rest of the horde followed two months later.

The Angel from the basing is placed like he is blessing the soldiers while they walk by.


These two Angels have a story.

I had the idea of having Jullius and Samacris painted by a special artist, whose work I really admire. I told my wife their lore. Being two halves of a higher being who are linked together forever is a pretty romantic background. The idea was to display them in the living room as a symbol of our love. Jullius should be painted to look like me and Samacris like her. She liked the idea so much, she gave me Jullius commission as a birthday present.


very fine work @Bandrol

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That is a wonderful gift!

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The next model to join the army is a High Paladin on a Dragon. I struggled to fit him in, but I needed to get the army completed and 310 Points painted with only one model is a pretty good argument :sweat_smile:

I also like the model and painting big models is great, because you can go into details. The most fun were the wings, horns and eyes. Maybe sometime I find inspiration to redo the scales.


Time for the knights. Those were the last unit I painted before leaving for a tournament. I just had no time for proper faces, even with painting through the night until leaving. Sometime I have to finalize them, but there’s so much else to paint… :sweat_smile:


Damn it! I want to start a Basilaen army now😆


WoooH! cool knights, they look great.

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I’ll propably never use it due to its lack of inspiring, but as I really like the model so I’ve painted up a Phoenix. Hope you like it.




As the old saying goes, “Dat… is a fing of real byooty” Very nicely done .

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