Basilea, Sylvan Kin, The Herd: Gur Panthers, what are your thoughts?

Do you run them? If so, how? Have you ever taken a regiment?

Are they good value for the points?

I have a large number of war hounds and wondered if they were worth hanging onto?

Gur panther troops are an absolute must have in my SK army to prevent the opponent from charging whatever he likes and let me get the combo charges I need to win fights

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Used them a couple of times in Basilean as Troops.

Having SP10 chaff is useful and they can always grab a flank if you get lucky. So would plan to take one or two usually.

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The panthers troops are almost useless in the herd list as one can get a troop of harpies that is much better (+2 attacks, +fly) for just 5 points more. The harpies cannot be taken in regiments, so panthers regiments are a possibility, but I am not sure it is a good choice as such unit is no longer a chaff.

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Are there any disadvantages to flight over being cavalry?

The contrast is stark in The Herd list as the units are literally next to each other. If people rate the Gur Panthers though, it’s likely the Harpies that are pointed a touch too low.

I am not aware of any disadvantages to an additional Fly ability.
EDIT: As @FredOslow rightly points out in his post below, the Fly ability has some (relatively minor) disadvantages in the 3ed. :thinking:

In 2e the Herd army had Beast packs with troops at 70pts. Their profile was exactly the same as the panthers have now. On the other hand the harpies have not changed since 2ed. Thus it was +20 points for a troop of harpies in the 2ed and some people still considered them as a better choice. I have always preferred to go with the beast packs as I needed the points elsewhere and they fitted better my army thematically as well. Now, I will not hesitate a second if I take my Herd to a battle in 3ed. I am glad to hear that the panthers are appreciated in other armies but the situation is really different for the Herd players. At 85 points they look a bit expensive to me even if there were no harpies.

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In Sylvan Kin, it’s a question of whether I have the hero slots for Princes on horses or not. If I do, then I’ll skip the Panthers a lot of the time.

In Herd, they don’t make much mechanical sense, but I’m all for thematic reasons for units—especially as they aren’t a bad unit per se. That said, for optimization there’s not a whole lotta point to them there.

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I’d honestly rather pay more points for the Harpies, then I’d feel better about taking the Panthers.

Even better would be a bit of variation in nerve etc so it was a more interesting choice.

Disadvantages to flight: will suffer -1 to hit vs Phalanx, will never recieve the +1 thunderous from charging downhill. Not huge issues I guess. :slight_smile:


charges them straight into the front of a pike block off a hill

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Ah, Fred is quite correct about the disadvantages Fly got in the 3ed. I edited my post above to reflect this.

The panthers can also be compared with the Scavengers in the EoD list. Their regiment (swarm equivalent to the cavalry troop) is a flying chaff unit at 90 points. There are some differences (no Pathfinder for the scavengers, but they have def 4 and higher nerve 11/13) but even when compared with them the panthers look expensive at 85pts. In my opinion, the panthers should get more attacks to make them more reliable when trying to disorder enemy units. When I played them (in fact beast packs) in the 2ed they quite often failed to score a single wound, so they are reliable as a blocking, not so much as disordering unit.