Can The Wiltfather Take Artefacts?

Over on Edzig’s Showcase thread, in addition to his wonderfully painted army, we got into a rules question of whether The Wiltfather can take a magical artefact or not.

Any RC lurkers with an opinion on this?

Admin edit: Dan King has confirmed that Yes, it can take an artifact.

Not RC, but for the sake of numbers, I’m in the ‘Tree Herder w/ an upgrade so can take artefacts’ camp.

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That’s valid. There’s evidence both ways so this is an interpretation scenario until an official ruling happens.


INHO It’s the same for other units with an upgrade such as the goblin king or necromancer, the only difference is that this upgrade is (1).

I’m hoping that it’s this. They need to tighten up the unique wording and naming conventions.

So I asked my local Pathfinder to run this question up the RC chain of command and the answer that came back down is that The Wiltfather cannot have any magical artefacts because he’s unique but also doesn’t count as a Tree Herder anymore for unit availability. So boo for no aura boosting artefacts and yay for increased Tree Herders.

Ahhhhhhhhh unexpected. Would like some clarification in writing - by the by, both Good Army and Easy Army allow The Wiltfather to take an artefact …

I would also like something official in writing. What I provided is no more useful than someone saying they read a rules answer on Facebook unfortunately.

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There’s other units where this may be an issue …

The Elven King for example … does the “Shardblade” count as an artifact already or can you take an extra one?

In the case of the Wiltfather it is extra strange … because, if they wanted him to be a unique Character that can’t take artifacts, why didn’t they simply make him a unique character then? I.e. like the unique Frost Giant “Hrimm” for Northern Alliance … they could have just made Hrimm an upgrade to a regular Frost Giant too, but they didn’t … yet we’re supposed to treat Wiltfather, which is an upgrade, and Hrimm, which is an extra entry in the unit list, the same, like unique Heroes … which actually does contradict the rules in the rulebook that address upgrades, if i remember right … /boggle.

I’d have to agree that an official FAQ/errata to address these inconsistencies would be really appreciated, before this becomes an issue in a tournament.


I don’t disagree with anything you just said. LoL

The upgrade has an asterisk, not the unit itself. Just like the Shardblade on the elven king.

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Also came up in this thread:

You can give him items on GoodArmyLists (edit: as Boss_Salvage already said).

I think I’ve also seen an Elf list with the Shardblade and an item in the Cancon lists.

I hope it stays that he can take an item. It would be more interesting if people’s Wiltfathers are different. I can’t see it being a problem/overpowered.

It’s also possible on the new Easy Army site.

I am also quite sure the upgrade is limited to 1, without limiting the use of magical artifacts.

well i asked on the KoWWW facebook group.

apparently the RC currently have ruled that such upgrades still allow the unit to take upgrades.

note that this contradicts Vigo’s interaction with the RC.

so it sounds like the issue is still up in the air within the RC as well.


Conflicting information? Impossible. :sunglasses:

Well, hopefully this is officially addressed one way or the other in the next FAQ. I don’t really care which way it goes, I just want to know the correct way.

Thanks for getting that into the FB group. I’m not on FB so can’t participate there.

I am not at all trying to offend (ominous start) but I personally wouldn’t lend this source much weight. I don’t know the Pathfinder, how in depth their discussion was or if they had it all.

I would prefer that all KoW content was off Facebook and open to those that don’t use the platform, especially so for rules clarifications. The current method of accessing the faq through the webstore is also irritating.

While not infallible, Easy Army has a formalised relationship with Mantic, that makes it a more reliable source.

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If Dan King said it, that is final. Item here we go.

Since some [1] upgrades explicitly restrict artifacts or other choices then the RC obviously intended this possibility.