Category suggestions

I would like input on categories we can split the site into :slight_smile:

One for each race army lists/tactics seems a good start


my suggestion would be to start with just a single forum for army lists and tactics for now, we can divide it up by alignment (good, evil, neutral) later if we get enough activity, army specific ones can follow after that. better to limit the number of categories to start with, so that the board doesn’t seem to be too empty.

other categories i’d suggest are modelling (for miniatures and terrain, we can split things later), and one for Lore/Setting.
i’d also suggest creating a pinned and locked News thread which included links to the mantic blog and major announcements about the game as they come out.


Definitely have a news and rumours section.


have a historical section.


I would have liked one category for each army, but as MithrilCoyote says it might mean that the forum will end up looking empty so I guess a single tactics and armies section is fine for now.

Second for a historical section.

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Sticking just to KoW the mass battle or will it involve Vanguard? Be nice to have more options for seeing painted stuff and talking tactics?

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Section for cool links to miniature vendors?

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An army building, painting and kitbashing section, maybe a batrep section?

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@MattGee not sure really, I was originally thinking KoW only as thats what I care about :sweat_smile:
But I will keep considering it.

@IMMORTALELF I think we have those categories currently :slight_smile:

It should do. Vanguard is the sister game to KoW, set in the same place. Models and ideas from there will find their way into KoW and vice versa. There’s going to be lore and stories in Vanguard books that are part of the wider KoW narrative. i.e. Ice & Iron.

It should probably get one sub-forum, even if you don’t break it out into more than that, keeping the main focus on KoW itself.

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I’d also suggest having an area for Vanguard :slight_smile:

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There is a Vanguard forum here: and it’s currently got a ranking table behind the scenes being worked on :wink:

honestly? i don’t see why Vanguard or even the upcoming RPG shouldn’t be included. they are part of the Kings of War setting after all, and certainly for Vanguard it is encouraged for players to have their games of one influence games and campaigns of the other. i suspect the RPG will have similar suggestions.

There is already someone who made a vanguard forum before I did. I will make a Vanguard button which is simply a link to his forum. I dont want to cause any trouble by making a second/yet another vanguard forum.

Sure I can add the RPG. And the new game even (League). But someone beat me to vanguard. Who am I to take that away from them?

One sub forum isn’t going to take things away.

Might seem petty but I’m canceling my Patreon pledge. It doesn’t make sense when I don’t play regular KoW (only Vanguard), sorry and good luck!

Fine, this is giving me grief and now affecting my finances. A PUBLIC APOLOGY TO ANGRY GROT: I have decided to make a small Vanguard section after all. In this section I will keep a pinned post which links to Angry Grots ranking and events. This is the most I can do for you. I am sorry for breaking my promise to not make a vanguard forum.