Circus Gobbolino - Goblin circus themed army

Hey everyone, after some fails sessions of taking good pics of my latest project, my mate and I finally did it. This is something I worked on for between slightly over 2 years, and now I call it finished (one big guy still missing, but I need that finishing move :smiley: )
I will start posting with some heroes, because those pics are already available - the rest will follow one at a time. I hope you have some fun, that’s literally all this army project is about :slight_smile:

First, let this guy announce, that the circus is in town. Fitting as Flaggit, or maybe, with some imagination, the mounted king. In either case, he’s dressed as a “rote Funken” (freely: Red Spark), which is a carnival thing here in cologone. The coat of arms on the scroll is the coa of Cologne, Germany.

And as a warm welcome, he is encouraging everyone to visit the circus:
King/Biggit/Single Hero, or the Circus Director

There is a loooot more to come, and I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:


love it, nice theme. i have some orc clowns that’d fit right in lol, looking forward to seeing more

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Exciting! :smiley:

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I applaud your steady hand in painting that coat of arms! Also your general painting skills, and probably conversions as well?

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Haha, thanks :smiley: I fantasized about some orc cheerleaders (that sounds horribly wrong), like the Bloodbowl ones, but in the end I didn’t want to have orcs into the thing. Grumpy dudes, no circus blood :smiley: But I’m always up to have some guest starring if - and maybe the story to the “if” will follow one day - I will play the Circus Army again :sweat_smile:

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Thanks a lot, it was in fact a pain to paint it. If you go really close, you see that I’m far from beeing a pro painter, but fun in converting and freehand stuff is definetely one of my favourite hobby parts! But, the two guys here aren’t converted in any way, they are sold like that (except the mushroom the director ist standing on) from Wyrd Games, and are part of the Malifaux Gremlin Range. Lovely models nonetheless, and I was happy to find them!


Two more guys to have fun with - one of the big advantages of the circus thing is, that there is a good range of which model can be which unit. So those guys are, depending on the list, mounted Flaggits, Biggits, Kings, or what else seems suitable. Either case, they are happy to entertain :point_up::tada:

There is so much more to come, and I’m more than happy to share them! (before you wonder, yes, I’m most definitely trying to show off here, because the amount of work I put into this whole thing was to the edge of frustrating :smile:). Have fun guys!


Btw, still no conversions - the bell dude is also from Malifaux, the stilts guy is from an alternative blood bowl team manufacturer called Gaspez Arts. Check them out, they’re great!

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Hey ho,
today I have some more heroes to share:
This guy here would be best as a Biggit, or, if in need, a second king on foot. Grabbed him luckily at a closing online store, and I think he fits in without any conversion. It’s originally a Leprechaun, but I have no idea of which system or manufacturer…

The other two guys are meant to be Stinggits, but I’ve never field them so far. Maybe one day, but the style fits I think :slightly_smiling_face: they’re also from Gaspez Arts.

Hope you like them, more to come :v:


This continues to be great!

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Loving the Malifaux grems in particular!

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They are extremely cool minis, indeed! There are two more to come, but my dude hasn’t finished all pics yet.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: hope you will enjoy the rest of the army too when I got the next pics!

What do a Circus and a Goblin army have in common? They need magic tricks! So today I post the Wiz’s…wizzes? Wizz?..whizever. The magic guys!

The first two guys are (surprise) again from Gaspez Arts, the oldschool GW one and the flying carpet dude (I added the carpet, made from plasticcard) were lucky bargains - Not the perfect circus addition, but nonetheless oddly fitting. Hope you like it :grinning:


The facial expression on that rabbit is pure gold!


Thanks :smile: that was kind of lucky, but I love how it turned out

Have you started on the units yet? This looks like a really cool vanguard force to play with if you can’t figure out how to do circus goblin units (can you transport a 2 foot tall goblin high dive base?)

Thanks, you might have said something. Vanguard might be way to play then again, especially with all the heros you don’t play in a KoW game :thinking: if Vanguard will be more played in my area, I’ll give it a try. Although I planned to to a Basilea warband… :smile:

The unit pics have been taken, yes, but my mate doesn’t have that much time, and even less reliable Wi-Fi to send them :roll_eyes:… And I’m not sure if we have met in the past, but how do you know about the high dive guy? :grinning:

Never met you good sir. I’m just a fan of goblin circuses. Everyone knows it’s not a real circus without the high dive and explosive potion juggling!


Be assured, you won’t be disappointed :laughing: