Circus Gobbolino - Goblin circus themed army

Still have some heroes to post:

Maybe not exactly potions, but I hope fire breathers are ok too?
Again, one guy from Gaspez Arts, the other one is, I think, from Reaper? I just added an extra torch for intensity :smiley:

And while there must be no circus without a bearded lady, here we go (the model was the same lucky buy as the Leprechaun, and I have the same zero idea which system it might be from…I just added the beard here, because…you know…for reasons)

Have fun :slight_smile:


Oh, I forgot: The fire breathers are (intended to be) my Banggits, and the Lady is, of course, the Troll Bruiser :smiley:

awesome fire painting

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Thanks, that depends extremely of how motivated I am the day when I’m on it :smile: but those two turned out good I think. Remember them when I post some others :smile:

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Okay, as mentioned before (and of course indisputably necessary), there is a high dive guy :smile: among the others, most fitting would be a Biggit, but he might also be kind of inspiring, so Flaggit is an option in my eyes too. But see for yourself:

And while we’re talking about inspiring, what’s more inspiring than cracking the highscore :muscle: (pretty fantasy-racist that there’s no green skin colored emoji :sweat_smile:)

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone :v:


dat der is a fing of byootie

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You are putting the fantasy into fantasy. Amazing work.

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Wow… I… will gladly take that :open_mouth::sweat_smile: thanks a lot dude, but there are so many fantastic armies and projects around here and the whole hobby, I think holding up the fantasy banner is a team thing :v: but I’m more than happy to keep those green guys coming, one at a time, to entertain and of course get some feedback, either way constructive criticism or just fun :grin:


Let’s get… musical :postal_horn:
War Trombones didn’t loose their allure in 3rd, so getting 2 was the only logical thing to do :man_shrugging:
And while the original one is funny enough, there was no need for conversions… The other one is, once again, from Malifaux Gremlins, standing on on a box I got on the German boardgame fair “Spiel” very cheaply. I think it’s from microarts Studio, but I’m not 100% sure… Anyway, as always, have fun :balloon:


Oh wow, like I’ve never heard of sorting. Uploaded from mobile and organizing was kind of annoying. Soooorry :roll_eyes:

So, those 2 units are the last pics I have to that day - my buddy is busy being dad, earning money and other unimportant stuff, so I’ll just have to wait a while for the next pics. But here we go, with some more necessarily circus AND Gobbo stuff: Devices which can launch projectiles and/or artists about 300 feet. There was some converting, and it was fun as hell :smiley:

And in case you might wonder… Yes, that cannon was a Playmobil cannon once :smile:

I hope I will get more pics soon, and in the meantime get some feedback from you guys - everything is welcome!


there is thinking outside of the box… and there is refusing to acknowledge such cubist idiology as the existance of a box at all.
Translation…" i’m not worthy!"

the Bangit guy really needs a speech bubble with “Four!” in it hehehehe

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:smile: Thanks a lot mate, but in fact, in most cases I like boxes. In the hobby there is pure freedom in doing whatever you like though, so I can go and let boxes be boxes while doing what seems cool to me. And don’t you hide from worthyness (is that a word?), your stuff is absolutely lovely, especially the item markes are something I’ve never thought of! Brilliant idea, which I’m going to steal inevitably :man_shrugging:

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Many thanks

More pics have arrived :tada:
Let’s start with the missing war machines:
One that most people with goblin interest may know, and which doesn’t need any conversion at all, because it is a funny as it is classical :smile:

Rulewise not war machines, but fitting into that category somehow :stuck_out_tongue: the Mincers (chariots would fit also I think)

Most of the pics are finished now, so I can go week by week with posting. Have fun :man_juggling: