Circus Gobbolino - Goblin circus themed army


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Dwarfs: What is that shields supposed to do? Hypnotize me?
Goblins: No, just give you a splitting headache.


If it’s tempting the foe to ask, it’s working :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


A late merry Christmas to everybody!
I have another sharpstick unit here, because I had a good leftover from the gw spider-riding boys. The idea for the unit, or better the credit, goes completely to DASQUEEK-MASTER ASSASSIN from, who had the idea for a goblin circus long before I started mine (I found it when I was half due with my thing, so I can keep my idea separately​:sweat_smile:). He (I think “he” because of the, sadly, male heavy hobby population :man_shrugging:) has a great showcase which you can find here:

Dasqueek’s Goblin Circus

The spear unit is so brilliant, I simply had to steal it… So here is my take:

I hope you like both units, and I hope there will always be people like us tabletoppers, who have fun in this kind of stuff and creativity.
So cheers to all of you, and have a good start into 2021, which, maybe, can’t be worse than what we’ve been through the last months!


Love it… nothing like a bed of sharp spears to focus the concerntration of the high wire walker… a good use of old spider rider goblins too

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Thanks! The spiders have their place in the circus too, but I don’t have their pics ready - I think you’ll like it :wink:

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Simply amazing again. You are a true master of your hobby.

Your units seem to move - if that makes sense - they are full of life.


Thank you a lot my friend! This is extremely encouraging to try more things :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let’s come to the Gobbo unit which was found in every list on 2nd Ed, but maybe has changed in third now due to the shoots Nerf. Spitters, or maybe in this case, Trick-Shot-Artists

And yes, that’s a bikini Goblette up there :dancer: :wink:


That is brilliant. With 5+ to hit, they were probably aiming for her too :joy:


They shoot as good as most elves now, so probably bikini babes should be a solid institution on every shooter base :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Haha. I didn’t realise elves were the same, as you say, they definitely need something to practice on too. KOW elves based more on Dobbie than Legolas??


Ahahahaha :laughing: that would be a pretty awesome explanation for their shooty skills

Ok, coming tooooo… Trolls! Funny, I’m not really into trolls as a unit I like to play rulewise, but man, do I LOVE trolls as a concept :laughing: and of course they give plenty of ways to circuzise (do not confuse, that would be awful and you probably won’t survive it) them…I went with the most obvious thing: Strongmen :muscle:

Let me know if this something we can agree on :upside_down_face:


Loving those trolls… totally awesome.

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Amazing - as usual. :+1:

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Man, this cracks me up. So good. :grin:

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They are excellent. Which way is the beach pose and sign is fantastic. Although it looks like they keep skipping leg day!! :joy::muscle:

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Thanks a lot guys, it means a lot to me having such feedback :heart:
@HouseElf hehe, they’d be faster than s6 if they hadn’t :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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