Clash of Kings UK 2023

Folks, the clash of Kings (UK) 2023 info is up. Location: nottingham. Early birds get a 10 pound discount and those who bring a 90%-mantic army get another 10 pound voucher.

All information to be found on counter charge and

Who’s thinking of going?


I have already bought my ticket and the extra large goody bag!

This will be great, with half the best TOs in the land involved - plus Steve Hildrew, of course! :wink:

CoK 2022 at the London GT was an excellent event (in spite of lower attendance) and this will be even better.

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I have bought flights and hotel, not bought the event ticket yet. Am not 100% I can attend but I decided to grab flights while they were available and relatively cheap.


It’s certainly on my to do list - have a couple of earlier events to pay for first!

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Thanks @Vince for posting the links. Can’t wait to see you all there!


I ordered the tickets for the three dutch guys (see if we can find a fourth to fill out the team)
ánd of course the xl bag. Because, why not?

See you all there!


I got myself a ticket and goody bag! Now I just need to make sure I can get back to the UK for it.


I have a question about the Clash of Kings Tournament, will Twilight Kin be playable in it? I read something about their new list being out in a month or so and it has really got my motivation down. Wondering whether I should focus on the Herd army which is farther from completion.

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So the rules pack states that the force must be chosen from the rules and submitted via the Companion app.

Twilight Kin IS included as an army within the Companion.

While Allies and Withdraw aren’t being used, nothing i can see in the rules pack prohibits TK from being valid.

I think I recall Mantic saying that TK will be valid to and including march. Maybe they will disappear from the companion after that. My guess is they will reappear in summer or fall 2024. Any sooner than that would impress me mightily.

Probably safer to either work on your herd army or use Twilight Kin army as Slykin with NS allies.

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I would poke @SteveDeathByDragons for your answer. As he’s one of the TO’s, he can give a definitive answer.

@steve, and you help out @Muakhah please?

Yes, you can play with the “beta” list :slight_smile:

that confused me :smiley:
does that mean the old list is considered beta, or will there be a new beta list by the time CoK UK rolls around?

Ok, so if I understood the previous Mantic News posts correctly.

Some time around March, the Twilight Kin would get an update to their rules.

This would replace the current list, and would likely be a Beta list as it would need some testing.

So I think Steve means there will be a new Beta list for the Clash of Kings.

Thats good news! Perhaps, for the first time in my life…I will have a fully completed and painted army!

but does that mean you intend to build and paint your unit using the unit profiles in the beta list? because I think that is precicely what mantic is trying to tell people might be a risky idea, since it will likey change and all after the beta.

Oh sorry. I’ve not been clear.

You can play with the currently published TK list. Any new list won’t have been out long enough.

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That is even better news @SteveDeathByDragons

Now I have motivation to complete that army and begin the process of posting it back to the UK!

Thanks to all who helped point out the way! I’ll try and post some pics of the army before I post it home.

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Hi folks. Just thought I’d put up a message to let you know that there’s only 11 tickets left for Clash in September, plus the early bird offer runs out on 31st March, so you only have a few days if you want to get a ticket at a reduced price, and only a few tickets left so you might miss out altogether :slight_smile:



I’m really sorry about this, but at the time of writing your question, I had no idea that the twilight kin list would be physically removed from mantic companion. As it is, we have no twilight kin list, and won’t have access to the new one until November.

Long and short of it is that I don’t think we can have twilight kin at Clash of Kings this year - there’s no way to make the army list and submit it. Really sorry about that :frowning: it’s out of my control