Cyberactivity's Twilight Kin: The Shadow Blades

This tournament season I’ve been steadily building up my Twilight Kin.

Trying to get units ready and on the table. Currently have another chariot horde on the go, as well as the blade dancer formation. Not sure if I’ll get either done in time before 3rd edition hits.

Here are some pics of my models so far…


Quality work, as well as a great variety of minis in the one army :+1: It does remind me that Kin is sort of half-demonic now, ala the old Cult of Slaanesh rules and niche fluff from the Olde Worlde. Way to keep that eevil angle alive.

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Thank you. Use to love the old Cult of Slaanesh list. In a way I’m sad about the rumours of them losing Abyssals, even if we get Nightstalkers in exchange. Has given me an excuse to paint up Nightstalker units. :smiley:

Chariot horde ready for the table. May add a couple of outriders to the front corners.


Really nice looking army!

The scale patterns on the standards and shields are a great touch, really makes them pop!

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I agree, it looks really good.

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Updated picture with a lot more work done.


Well, taken a bit of a break from pure Kin to get some Nightstalkers painted up.

So here is my version of the Portal of Dispair. Lot of work for only 80pts…


Extremely portal-y! I’m not sure how you did the portal swirl itself (maybe it’s an existing mini? maybe you sculpted it?) but it’s entirely convincing :100:

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It’s from one of Mantic’s Terrain Crate sets.

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It was already sculpted, just painted the swirl using the airbrush.

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Finished some horrors to expand the Nightstalkers…

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Banshee Choir complete…


2 x troops of blade dancers completed.

Lord of Nightmares completed.

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Just over 1k extra painted.


Wonderful color, green basing and all! And props on the needle fangs, I don’t know if I’ve seen somebody paint any up outside of Mantic’s shots.

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Cheers. Here is a better picture of them: