Cyberactivity's Twilight Kin: The Shadow Blades

Army looks striking as ever. Forgot about your weird Cloverfield-y Fiends!

Three Butcher hordes and four titans seems tasty :tooth: Good luck!

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So the planar is there to heal and RoL the butcher’s. 3 of the 4 titans have regen so hopefully that’ll keep them going.

It’s probably not the greatest list ever but I’m the co-TO for the event so didn’t want to take something as nasty as possible.


So the tournament has been and gone.

Day 1 went okay.

Game 1 Vs Max - won 4-3
Game 2 Vs Gavin - won 5-2
Game 3 Vs Justin - lost 3-0 (would have been 3-2 if I Shakira could hit some phantoms and not roll 1 under break, only 15 kill pts between us).

Timed out on all 3 games which either lost me scenario pts, or units. The last game it arguably cost me the win ultimately.

Day 2 was a mixed bag.

Game 4 Vs Stephen - won 5-2
Game 5 Vs Chris - lost 5-2

I didn’t time out on either game which was a massive improvement. Game 5 I should have really been replaying Vs Gavin and Chris should have been replaying Vs Justin (they played game 1). However, by me playing Chris it meant no repeated match-ups which was impressive considering we had 14 players and 5 games. Playing Chris you do learn a lot (former UK Master). He did have some big advantages over me when he won table sides as my side was horrendous. Didn’t do anything too stupid to the game, didn’t get tabled, and actually got a couple of scenario pts. I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

Chris came 1st
Justin came 2nd
Max came 3rd

So I had the best strength of schedule by a mile. Ended up 5th out of 14. That was enough to put me in 2nd place now for best in faction with Nightstalkers.

Full results:

The next tournament I’m helping to organise is the London Grand Tournament (LGT). Hopefully we can get some good numbers to attend.


Soulflayers regiments 5 through to 8 completed:

Here’s what the look like next to the original 4:

That’s another 660pts painted.

With that I’m done with my Nightstalkers for the time being. I may paint some more scarecrows or another legion (or 2) of bloodworms in the future.

With 16,310pts of painted Nightstalkers (not including upgrades, or artifacts); I’m essentially able to field pretty much every 2k pts tournament viable NS list (or something very close to it).


Congrats on your eight regiments :sweat_smile: Impressively consistent and orderly, with great basing per usual!

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