Dark Age Varangur

My original barbarian style Varangur army ended up being converted into an NA one, with various new units added.

Fancied doing a new Varangur army from the ground up, with a Dark Age theme (currently on book 10 of Bernard Cornwell’s Lost Kingdom series, which has kept me occupied and, no doubt, provided inspiration!).

I had some warlord Gauls kicking around, which together with mantic zombies will be the draugr. Gripping beast vikings will be the clansmen and their Goth cavalry as mounted sons.

Victrix Gallic fanatics are the reavers, while the Viking/Saxon models will be huscarls. Looking at using the same models, with gsw flaming skulls and a different paint job as fallen.

L to R: Gripping Beast viking; mantic zombie/warlord Gaul kitbash; same; Victrix Gallic fanatic

Trolls have come from dark alliance and the frostfang will probably be Celtic chariots (with the hero versions riding beasts of some description).

Will start building stuff and figure out a list in due course!


The painted picture is hard to make out as its out of focus. Could you try again?

Rubbish phone camera - more pics of NA lot here

Finished building the draugr

WiP basing for the draugr

Slowly building the rest of the infantry - reavers at the back (awaiting heads), night raiders (middle) & clansmen at the front.