Deadzone Showcase

Let me see all the Deadzones and Strike Teams out there! I’ll start with my Plague…

…and continue with my Enforcers


My Veer-myn stormtroopers :slight_smile:

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Beautiful stuff!

Are those plague models mostly washed for highlights, or did you pick out details manually?
I’ve been putting off starting a plague strike team a bit, since the amount of manual detailing is scaring me a bit…

Also still lots to do with my current three teams.

Also very nicely painted scenery :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!
the fleshy bits are mostly drybrushed. The carapace armour and the faces are highlighted by hand. It was a fair bit of work, but do-able and, at least I think, worth it. All in all it didn’t take too long to paint. It’s a very easy and fun paint job, because you don’t have to be very careful about the details.
The scenery is mostly spraypainted and than detailed by hand. Lots of ‘rusty’ and black pigments do the rest.