Does the corner count as two facings / when can you charge the flank from the front?

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The “corner = facing” point is the specific reason the RC had to bring in the explicit ruling about individuals being “protected” from being charged in a facing that is flush against another unit.

Yes, they had to write it explicitly, because under the normal rule it would not actually protect the Individual :grin:

It’s not so much that the corner is both sides (in reality it’s neither side but a meeting point of two sides as per geometry, mathematics and the English language) but because your leader point is in the side that is the side you are charging. With a pivot you can make contact with that side. The posts in the pics are mostly just shortcutting that you can do that.

The whole character thing and corners is something that needs revising so that it makes sense (something other than the bunk that a corner is two sides) to allow characters to be charged by fliers in the characters front arc where there is no room to fit - instead of creating a room for cascading bad interpretations with flawed assertions.

There’s only a handful of rules needing ‘fixing’ in what is otherwise an amazing ruleset.

The post from Matt James specify that no pivot is needed. if you are in contact with the corner when your leader point is in the flank and you declare a new charge, it’s a legal charge. meeting point of two sides = kind of in contact with both sides, I guess.

yeah it’s the idea that corners are a side that is the problem - players shouldn’t need to string together a couple of rules and use bad geometry - an explicit rule would be better for all in the long run.

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The rules committee needs to make this explicitly clear, because right now I’d look at that scenario and say absolutely not.

Moving the unit straight forward would contact the front of the enemy unit - not the flank. The rules even specifically says “If the Leader Point of the charging unit is in the target’s right or left flank arc when the order to Charge is given, the unit must charge the target’s corresponding flank facing.”

That charging unit is in the front, geometrically. Anything less then a 45 degree pivot would still leave them in the front upon contact .

If the argument is that the point of the corner is in both arcs - that needs to have a specific line in the rules errata.

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Yes I agree they should write it into the FAQ. They have answered it so the rule is clear, see Matt James’ reply from facebook (head of RC). The corner DOES count as both facings.

note that of course that does not change which facing you can legally charge. Your unit is always in a single facing, never both, so where your unit must end up flush to is not in question, merely what you can contact to count as having finished the Move step of a charge, before continuing to the Align step.

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