Dozens December! - painting topic

Nothing finished but spent some time getting miniatures ready for the painting table.

Two regiments of Palace guard getting hit with base-coat:

Two regiments of Trolls (also have a troll bruiser primed but no picture);

Goblin wizard on lizard:

And last but not least two regiments of Forest shamblers:

A note for you paint collectors (we’re all one of those :rofl:). Just got some Vallejo Metal Color paints and have to say they are the best metallics I’ve ever used. Highly recommend.

Keep posting everyone - some great stuff going up over the Christmas period.


Haven’t got time to paint at the moment, managing to put a few models together.

These are kit bashed from spare parts. Got enough to do 20 Crossbowmen, think 2 troops of 10 will be better than a regimentof 20.

Crossbow is from the Northstar plastic Gnoll set, the pole arm is from Fireforge, had to remove the weapon, and drill a hole in the hands to fit the weapon into. Some are a bit messy, but paint should fix that.

Edit, the 20 Crossbowmen, because my Mongolians were a little short on ranged attacks (sarcasm).


Finally finished my next horde of Sharpstick Goblins, emerging from dense woodlands with all the crisp discipline and precision you would expect from such a phalanx of fearsome troops ! :yum:



@Stonehorse - good stuff. A lot of the historical stuff kitbashes together nicely. I’ve got a variety of handgunners & xbowmen converted from gripping beast Arabs and Perry bits for example, while Fireforge & Frostgrave work well together

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Finished my new horde of Orc Ax for december! :slight_smile:


Dear all,

Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all the contributors in each of the painting topics, you did great and I am sure it was always an interesting and inspirational thread for many. It is fantastic to see people sharing progress of their projects and I hope the topics helped you all to continue your painting and modelling.

I would like to continue with the series and I am going to start a new topic for January soon. However, this time I would like to ask you for your ideas for the name for January! I will wait until tomorrow before I start a new topic. I am looking forward to seeing your creative titles! :slight_smile:



Hi @Swordmaster, thanks for continuing the topic and a happy new year to you too! :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually finished some more Stormwind just before the year ended and the grand new year resolution is of course to finally finish the regiment! (Rather sooner than later!)

Will post some pictures once the varnish dryed … maybe in mhhh “jazzy January”?


Those are some awesome orks! they certainly look better than what I’ve painted.

Here is my entry for the end of the year (scratch that the first entry for 2021!: grimacing:) I actually have a few more done but haven’t taken pictures of them yet, my NA models.

Ice Kin Huntress (I can’t use a detail brush for eyes to save my life)

Ice Dragon (My very first model… both in acquiring and painting)

Baby Ice Dragon (A.K.A. weaponized cuteness)

And now for my big question… Anybody know how to remove those black bases that come with the WizKids models without damaging the actual base. I’m basically gluing the models onto the round bases in order to properly use the citadel handle I bought. I tried nail polish remover and that only damaged the plastic base (who knew) and I used superglue to stick them to the bases.

So what I’m asking for this new year’s is


Try using pva/white glue if you are only putting them on the base temporarily. That way it will be easy to snap off later.
Of course you run the risk of snapping them off yourself during painting if you apply too much pressure but for small and light models in should work.
I don’t use a handle but glue models onto popsicle sticks with pva glue when I paint. Two or three models per stick. It gives my hand enough variations of holding the stick to change things up if I tire of one particular handle. Plus both my hands are closer together so it enables the “paint while both hands touching” technique which many painters mention in their guides. (Keeping hands together for more brush stability)
Also you should look into shades and washes. Giving a model a good chunk of agrax earthshade is always a good cheat to give free shadows and lines, I use it every time in generous amounts.

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I should have gotten pva glue… how do you remove super glue then?

Don’t think there is a way. As far as I’m aware, super glue on plastic actually melts the two together. You need to use side clippers and a little hobby saw, probably.

Oh wow really? I got my glue from a tabletop store and got the pink bottle. I probably should have asked for glue that was easy to remove since I’m lacking both side clippers and a hobby saw. Where would you find some, and would an exacto knife work as well?

superglue, put the model in the freezer over night, it becomes super brittle and can snap it off easily after it’s frozen. It’s poly cement that chemically welds joins together.


A horde of Goblin Chariots built and based up. There is still a lot of painting to be done, but looking promising so far.


Oh yeah now I remember this trick. Good call.


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Looks like I didn’t post it here! Before the new year thread comes around; my main project in 2020 was expanding my dwarfs to this:

You can see more pictures here read more about my hold here.

For 2021 I have a little more to do for my nigh-stalkers and then getting my 6mm and 15mm historical armies fixed up and terrain for them made.


Plastic glue on plastic models - will melt the bond so need to cut it. Super glue on plastic models - put the model in the freezer, the glue will become a touch brittle and you should be able to separate the parts


Many thanks to @Mikes for his idea for the new name for a January edition of the painting topic! Please post your new updates there for easier navigation.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!