Drakons and more

This maybe old news but I’d not seen these:

At the bottom of the page here: https://empiregamestore.co.uk/product-category/mantic-games/kings-of-war-fantasy-wargame/

Some Trident Realms and a Cavern Dweller too.


WHOA Mantic air elementals:

Those look really good! I appreciate that Mantic’s own elementals continue to be some of the best elementals for wargaming - and there are a ton of elementals out in the market, thanks to DnD.

Lots of new stuff, happy to see League of Infamy stuff repackaged so quickly.


I missed these first time round! Yes, their elementals hold up well against the competition. I think you could have fun with the bases with debris being whipped up and possibly carried in the body and arms as well.

IMO Mantic does well with fantasy archetypes and is less consistent on the more specific minis. I prefer their stuff when they play it safe and am often less keen when they make bolder artistic choices.

Really like the Knucker too (and its plastic!).


Really like those Air Elementals. A pure 4 elements force has always been tempting, maybe once I finish the 6 armies I have at the moment.

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I think an elemental force would be comparatively quick to paint as well!

Most certainly, aside from the price barrier I think the biggest drawback would be the force feeling a bit ‘samey’.

You’d have a lot of large infantry! You could include Forest Shamblers and possibly ally in Ice Elementals.

There would be a lot of different speeds which would be interesting. Lots of Surge could liven it up.

Not sure about the knucker, but the cavern dweller from the release is a touch on the small side.

The elementals continue to look pretty good, while the drakons will no doubt prove popular from a sales perspective

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I’d agree, the dweller looks too small, though the troll is a touch on the large size as well.

I much prefer your colour scheme! I could see what they were going for with the albino look but the contrast with the fur was too stark IMO.

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I think they should, having looked at alternatives, there’s not many out there and they’re going to be a reasonable price. I can easily see people buying these for other games/systems.

In KoW, I’d be happy to see them become irregular again, so not to overshadow the Stormwind and to increase the cost of fielding them.

Somebody on another forum asked about making a Forces of Nature with all the elementals, and I came up with this list:

Water Elementals (Horde) 220
Earth Elementals (Horde) 220
Fire Elementals (Horde) 220
Air Elementals (Horde) 220
Forest Shamblers (Regiment) 120
Forest Shamblers (Regiment) 120
Greater Earth Elemental 230
Greater Water Elemental 180
Greater Air Elemental 180
Greater Fire Elemental 175
Tree Herder 260
– Healing Brew 5
Druid 65
– Surge (4) 10
Druid 65
– Surge (4) 10
2300 Points

Looks pretty fun to me, and loads of variety!

Separate thread here:

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A great blog post that gives you a really good look at the minis close up. Thanks Mike!

It’s a bit of a shame that the riders aren’t separate as then they’d be more versatile.


Agreed - both about the blog & the models. These would make ideal beasts of nature without riders.

The goblin & ratkin cav are similarly ‘fixed legged’ which is a bit if a shame.

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The Drakon Lord has a separate rider :slight_smile:

Also, there is a riderless Drakon in the League of Infamy Box. Hopefully those will be available without the large box at some point too.

Think they’d look good ridden by these guys.


With a couple leftover to use for other characters.