Findol's Sylvan Kin (and other woodland friends)

After playing WHFB Wood Elves for a long time, my minis sat and collected dust in a box for nearly a decade. Last summer (2020) a few friends got me to play a demo 1k game of KoW, Undead vs Trident Realm, and it was a blast. I couldn’t wait to turn my old (mostly unpainted) Wood Elves into a multibased Sylvan Kin force that would bring my vision to life, the Elves of the Pine Crags.
Covid restrictions, young kids at home, and a busy year meant that I didn’t get my minis onto the tabletop until this summer (2021). A local tournament this October on Vancouver Island has motivated me to get this project finished and to keep building it bigger.

I’ve been super pleased with the KoW community so far; everyone is really cool and supportive. Not to mention you all have loads of excellent ideas to inspire more projects!

First up are a Silverbreeze regiment and Hunters of the Wild regiment.


Wiltfather and another group of Hunters of the Wild.


Horde of Forest Shamblers and Boskwraiths


Dragon Kindred Lord and Elrik Nisleen


Horde of Forest Guard and two troops of Riverguard Treeleapers


The whole lot


that’s a beautiful army I love the mixture of Wrath of Kings in with the welfs and chaos, it has a unique look without feeling too disparate.
The bases really help to pull them all together. Do you have a list worked out for the tournament yet or is it going to be a case of using what you have?


Thanks! I like my Sylvan Kin to rep the different faces of the forest. The Silverbreeze are more like the traditional elves, fancy, shooty and have nice hair.
The Boskwraiths and Treeleapers are the savage face of the wild who will murder interlopers without a second thought.

My list is based around grindy trees and supporting the dragon with treeleaper troops. Silverbreeze didn’t make the cut and I’ve got a 3rd treeleaper troop I’m finishing for 2k pts.
2300 had a second Tree herder to support the branch deathball.


Very nice army, as you say the savage face of the wild. I really like the way you painted the Corvus cabal as tree leapers. The basing is great and the wrath of kings house nasier (i think) well I’ve never seen them look better.
I was talking with some people about how different ranges have different styles, but this shows that a good paint job and basing helps bring them all together.

Good luck in your games!

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Thanks Muakhah! I have spent a lot of time looking at other people’s armies and collections and I was always pleasantly surprised at how well they pulled minis from many different lines together with a cohesive scheme and basing. The bark makes great rocks and the height of it makes for really dynamic bases.
The Nasier were fun to paint. Wrath of Kings has some great minis and I’m looking forward to painting some more of the Ashmen and Goritsi wolves.

Love the colour scheme and basing. It’s bright, but natural.


Very cool to see the army all together, I’ve been a fan of the individual units as you’ve finished them. For me the treeleapers are my favorite, both because they look great (and are great in game if weirdly rare) and because they’re such a smart choice of models. A couple random units of frogs would stick out like, uh, green frog people on forest bases, but these War Cry dudes slot right in perfectly. To the point that they’re my go to when people are asking for inspiration for what to add to Sylvan Kin or alternatives to Mantic’s frogs.

Anyway, great stuff, hope the army serves you well on the table!

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Your work has absolutely inspired me this year. It’s such a pleasure to see on the table!

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Thanks Boss I really appreciate it! I’ve loved those minis for some time and originally bought the box just for the Spire Stalker that is my Dragon Kindred Lord (Surfing riders solves the hassle of finding sitting riders that fit😋) The feathers and bird skulls are such great dynamic theme points.
I’d love it if they made them unlock; I’d probably make a few regiments haha.

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Thanks Luke! Also thanks for badgering me into playing Kings of War. So much fun to play and hobbying has been great this year.

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Boskwraiths MMC (50%+1) and Treeleaper troop #3.


Mounted Elven King


Appropriate mug!

What’s the source of the Elven King? He looks like he means business.

He’s a Wood Elf Lord on Elven Steed from the old GW Wood elves.
The mug is an old favourite! It has a tree frog as the handle.

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I took my Sylvan Kin to Kippers Melee in Nanaimo, BC, Canada this past weekend.
Finished tied for last in battle points but I won Favourite Army which I am thrilled about.
The KoW community is super friendly and my opponents were very helpful and patient with my newbness.