Findol's Sylvan Kin (and other woodland friends)

Gonna call that a success overall :sweat_smile: Congrats!

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Very well deserved!!!

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In a 1st game of CoK22, the valiant forces of the Sylvan Kin sallied forth to face a force of the cursed Empire of Dust who were despoiling a river that wound through the Sylvan Kin’s precious lands.

Had a super fun game against a fellow newbie to Kings of War. Really nice guy and his fully 3d printed Empire of Dust looked fantastic on the table, especially with his matching battle mat!


Starting my first work on the Sylvan Kin formation with some Nasier swordsmen as a regiment of Forest Guard Grove Wardens.


What a nice army! Great Models and superbly painted = lots of personality

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1st Gladestalker troop done. Foliage to come in January probably.


I lied. Picked up some new foliage today and I really like how it provides some variety in colour and structure to what I was using before. Probably going to go back and add some more to my other bases.

Gladestalker troop #1 properly done now.


Got started on my Wardens of the Sacred Grove formation plus an Archwraith. I feel like the Archwraith is kind of an obligatory part with 2 Boskwraith units getting TC1 for 20pts.
The finished Boskwraith troop was finished last year.
These should be the first units that I’ll try with magnetized bases.

I’ve been writing some lore for my army but not sure if I should post it here.


nice to see more work going on. There is a lore section, but if you are writing about the army you’re building in particular I wouldn’t mind seeing it in here with your paintwork.

It will help identify what you’re talking about as you go along which helps me.

Entirely up to you though.


That’s a beautiful looking army, well done

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Thanks Dan! It’s been a lot of fun to work on this past 18 months or so. It all started in Grade 10 with my copy of Chronicles 2004. They had cool rules for a Wood elf army on there and I’ve been on that train ever since.