Floating Islands project for the Herd - 2300 pts - Always sunny

Day 0 -1

Ive been doing an Atlantean ruins theme army that was started in July.

It’s really coming along nice. It’s expanding as I go.

Started making a list with some water elementals, and said… why not make the whole theme with waves on the ocean. Moved on to a Brotherhood army last week, didn’t quite get it built in 1 week, but I also started a new army to go with the Nature models I can mix. The Herd.

My herd list uses natures Treekin. I have an Elf army will be including in my Atlantean project, so the Treekin needed something unique to go with the theme and modularity to be used in other armies. It is likely, the treekin will be used in the Herd and Elves, so I will travel down that road when Im interested in Elves again, but the foundation is there.

To add more fun to the project, I’m actually playing the list for Always Sunny UB event thats going on. We just played Round one and the army played very well.

Today I started with the concept. I looked and looked. Well, crap - might as well do something about it.

Here is how it turned out.
I’ll included the concepts at the bottom.

The list includes Skin Walkers, Shamblers, Guardian Brutes, and Werewolves.Models aren’t completed yet.

Concepts for comparison after day 1.


I’m having flashbacks to Nagrand


Nice. How did you do your ‘islands’?

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Thanks for the question.

I showed some pictures above. Some parts were 3d printed from an older project that I thought would make good solutions to theunderside of the floading islands, like those from Avatar. I cut some pink foam scraps to shape the top of the landscape. Then pain with any base paint of your choice. Id recommend something thick from homedepot, but non-spray paint.

Then started on painting. and decorating. Im still working on them, but Im about to put roots and Palm trees on next. likely some crystals on the underside as well.

Here are some shots from the recent game this weekend. Any comments and recommendations are always appreciated.


Nice - collectively that works really well.

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A few more quick shots on the army progression.


Beautiful, simply beautiful. I love it when people add so much detail (e.g. the roots in the last picture) to the bases as well. Thanks for sharing!


Dude, that is golden! I simply love it, the whole idea and the execution is simply awesome. I’m going for Abyssals the next year, and you might have triggered a nerve here😄 it doesn’t look that hard to build, but adds such an extremely powerful effect to the whole army, no way ai won’t do this at least for a hero or something. Thanks for sharing!

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