Freds Orcs

I will kick start the blogs with my Orc army (the first 2000 points I made)

2000 points

Hero on Gore between the blocks of Infantry, swarms in front

Great weapon orcs (“greataxe”) with Giant behind

Berserker orcs (“morax”), Gore Rideres in the back

War Drum and Godspeaker

Fight wagon horde aka The Ship and Orc Hero on wyvern


Nice, i really like the color scheme. As someone who has struggled for years to paint even 1 army i salute you :smile:

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Also a nice take on including green in an orc army despite alternate skin colour :slight_smile:

Especially like the war drum!

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Been lucky enough to play this army twice, it looks even better without the bright flash

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Love the old school Wyvern!

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That war drum! Never seen that mini before, works perfectly.

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Thanks! :blush: The goblins & palanquin is from and the drumkit with orc drummer is from

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Very cool SHIP! Great idea for a Fight Wagon Horde. Where I the ship from?

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Thanks! The ship is this one:

Hacksawed in two and used for fight wagon horde + fight wagon regiment. Props to Jeff Swann for the idea. I would tag him but dont think he has made a user yet. :grinning: