Fred's Yellow Elves

I have started to repurpose my old GW dark elf army. Will also paint some high elves and wood elves. The plan is to have them all in a yellow scheme and be able to use large parts of the army as all 3 Elf lists. Elves, Twilight Kindred and Sylvan kindred all in one.

Had a bag of wood elf heads so started by cutting off all the dark elf heads on the spearmen and crossbowmen.

Unit basing. All plastic models which have proper feet and no “metal tab” under the model will have their base clipped/sawed off and will be fastened to multibases with 1mm brass rod in one foot and pinned through the mdf base, and pva glue under both feet just to keep them from pivoting around. The pin does all the job really.

First troop done. Will do most units in troops so I can flex with army setup more than if I used only regiments. Plus troops use less space in my foam solution (sabol army case).


Very clever to build a 3-in-1 army! I like the colour scheme a lot.

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2 x Tallspear regiments (2x2 troops)

Archer regiment (2 troops)

Sea Guard configuration (1 troop Archer + 1 troop spear)


Adding some work in progress photos.

“executioners” (Impalers with +1 CS if I ever use them)

Regiment of Impalers / palace guard (DE black guard)

Blade dancers/boskwraiths/gladestalkers

Blade dancers/boskwraiths